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What are these from??


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One of the lamps, the one without the bale handle, looks like a nice automobile side lamp from around 1910 to 1912. Reproductions have been made in the past half century,  and it may take an expert up close to tell the difference. 

The lamp with the bale handle could be automotive, but I highly doubt it. The style and construction are not typical for automotive lamps. There were some cars through the early years that used odd styled lamps, but still not likely. Most likely it is a lamp made for home use, mostly decoration. Many decorative lamps have been made and sold to look like carriage or automobile lamps to people that do not know what they actually looked like.


The little item laying on the table is a Motometer. It is supposed to be attached to the radiator cap of a car and the thermometer inside tells the driver how hot the water in the radiator is. If the red in the meter is to the top of the thermometer, it may be repairable. They were mostly an after-market item, not marque specific, however, some automobile manufacturers did supply Motometers as an add-on option.

Value of Motometers based upon "prices asked" is allover the map! They can be found for everywhere from ten bucks to over a thousand dollars. Actual sales are usually under a hundred for good Motometers of common types. SOME specific marque meters sell for hundreds, some even into the thousands of dollars. BUT THEY ARE THE EXCEPTIONS! One MUST know what few are worth a bunch.

I can't tell for certain from the photo whether it is a standard (larger one), or junior (smaller one), but I think it is the junior. Juniors rarely reach anywhere near a hundred dollars, most are worth around fifty bucks or less among people that know about them. In fact, I have bought a few of them over the years (including just a few years ago) from fellow hobbyists for under thirty dollars.

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The lamp with the handle has a mounting bracket on the side.

It could be an automotive light that could be removed when not in use.

Very early cars did not come with lights (or wind screens and tops), they could be ordered from the dealer or from catalogs.

A few more photos would be nice.

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