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Delrin headlight rollers

Vincent Vega

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Almost any plastic can be used. I do not know if the Fiero parts will fit but it appears GM used the basic design on many cars with retracting headlights. I do know that the headlight motor assembly from a Fiero, Corvette, Firebird will not fit the Reatta.

I have ask several plastic "experts" what material was used on the originals, I have had guesses but none have firmly identified the original material. The originals were molded and the plastic was resiliant to act as a clutch. With age and usage, the original material cracks, them gets ground into powder by the internal parts. The original parts are .490 in diameter. If they were a more common 1/2 inch (.500) then you could buy plastic rod and cut it to length. The 1/2 inch material is too large to fit and must be cut down on a lathe. If you have access to a lathe, delrin, nylon, teflon (too expensive) will all work.

As a side note......I have rebuilt lots of headlights. In those sent to me, many have been temporally fixed by a owner/mechanic, and here are some of the items I have found that were used to replace the rollers. One had BB's, several have had assorted nuts, another had what looked like rice, a ball bearing, and one had the nozzles from the tops of arisol spray cans.

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No they just take time to reveal.

Can I trade for a "Sen" to padgett with the rest to follow at a later date?????

In ie explorer

OK Left click on Fiero parts. This opens the link.

Left click on electrical and left click on 84-86 headlight parts.

Now you have found the item you want to show on the board.

[color:\\"blue\\"]RIGHT click on it and you will see a menu with one item saying [color:\\"blue\\"] "Add to Favorites" (one from bottom). Left click on it and another box opens titled [color:\\"blue\\"]Add Favorite .

What I did was created a [color:\\"blue\\"] New Folder by left clicking on the new folder box. Call it Reatta by typing REATTA.

[color:\\"blue\\"]Click OK and you have a new folder that is created and open. Next click OK and you have saved the link in the Reatta Folder.

Go to your [color:\\"blue\\"] Favorites list on the top menu bar and left click on it to open.

Next [color:\\"blue\\"] left click on the [color:"blue"] Reatta Folder and it will open. You will se the item you saved there.

Left click on it and the item will be displayed.

Next left click on the [color:\\"blue\\"] address bar and then left click on the [color:\\"blue\\"] copy button or on [color:\\"blue\\"] copy under the Edit button. This will save the address in a temporary memory.

Back in the Reatta Forum while in the body of your post click on the [color:\\"blue\\"] image link below the post. This opens an [color:\\"blue\\"] "Explorer user Prompt" .

Left click OK and [color:\\"blue\\"] highlight just the [color:\\"blue\\"] http:// part and then [color:\\"blue\\"] click on paste from the paste button or from the edit menu.

Complete the post and you gave the image in the post.

Hope I got it right.

Sometimes, depending on the code when you left click on an image the copy shortcut box will light up and you can left click on it and just paste into the http:// part.

Good luck hope I haven't left anything out.

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Highlight the link on the right and left click copy.

Next highlight the http:// and click on paste and you have it!!!!!!!!!!!


In this case you can left click on image and go right to copy shortcut NOT frown.giffrown.gif

choose a different image? this link is to the page not an image.

try to repost the gears.

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I think Padgett's article here is an excellent example of what the forum needs more of. Take pictures when you do an important task and then later post them on the net with a text description.

Vincent, I only sleep with my manual when I hit a hard spot that is difficult to understand. That particular copy is moving to a new home in Kansas this morning.

Ya'll have a Good Saturday (best day of the week).

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B. and EDBSO,

I, w/ the instructions, could never get the image w/ an address bar( to copy ending in "gif). The image always was opened by a program w/ no address bar. I even tried to select "open with" then "IE" but still no address to copy.

If the image shows up in this post:

I went to properties then copied the Gif addresss from there. Have XP, other OS may not have this function (can copy from most any presentation).

Actually I am telling you much more than I know but may help someone else struggling in silence?

IOW-I had no trouble adding the gif to favorites but when I opened to copy address endimg in "gif", it was not displayed as there was no address bar. I need to open image in a different program-no luck so far. Thanks.

I may be stupid but am very persistant!


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Delrin is a great choice for this type of thing. It wears well. Heat does not bother it much, it lasts! Will not turn to chalk over time.


PS WOW I had an answer I had an answer! Do I win a prize <VBG> tongue.gif

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