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54 power windows


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I have the remains of a 54 Roadmaster I am saving the power brake parts Engine and transmission. This is very rusty and it is picked over, sat for years in an old wrecking yard. The dash is gone as is the front seat; it does however have power windows. Door and quarter window moved when I applied power left side door and quarter window did not move. The bright work around front and back windows looks good. It also has parts and pieces of a continental kit.  Shot me a PM if interested in anything.  Power window all that I have $ 225 you pay freight. 


54 buick parts car.jpg

54 buick parts-1.jpg


54 buick parts 3.jpg

54 buick parts.jpg

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I need a the rear half of the rear quarter panels, tail lights, trunk lid, lower valance (between the trunk lid and bumper), and rear bumper.  Would you be open to removing and selling me those parts from your '54 Buick?

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Thanks for asking the pictures don't show how bad this car is rusted. The panels don't even make good scrap the car is all but gone saved the power items and drivetrain and radiator 

 Contact Mr Earl and see what he has  he is most likely closer to your location


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