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  1. 1953 RM need chrome surround for ashtray and radio. My surrounds are in tough shape I do not really want to send these out for plating. I am looking for better examples to send out for plating. Thanks Steve
  2. I did a VIN inspection in my home state of Oregon a few years back. The DMV pulled a book from the shelf and looked up 53 Buick. It listed the location of the serial number on the frame also serial number location attached to the body and body tag location. In 1953, the reference material the state used noted Phillip screws held on the body tag and body serial number. I have also parted a few 53 Buick's and this is what I have found on those units. In 53 the serial number on Chevy cars is stainless steel and spot welded to the left doorpost about vent window height. Makes me wonder why one b
  3. I am trying to position the tab that welds on the floor for the power seat. I never had a good way to make a pattern on this before I removed what was left of the floor. If anyone has a picture and a few measurements on the correct location, it would be a great help. I have looked at my parts book and what I have for the track and I do not see how the seat track works, I must be short on a few key parts. Once this tab is in place I am done with the lower rust repair. Then I have rust in a few other places that need repair it is all high window frame and trunk upper seal area. M
  4. Thanks I did not see this when looking at Bob's. I will purchase this and post a picture for all in the future. Steve
  5. I am looking for a picture or any information regarding the knob and hardware that is used on the end of the trip meter reset cable. I have looked in my parts book and a reset knob is listed no other information I will add a few pictures of my reset cable. Thanks Steve
  6. Time to start on the dash I would like to find gauges that are in better condition than mine are. The top was down or rotted sun and water damage on the gauges. The key switch is also in tough shape the ears show marks from plyers a better core would help in these areas. One question on the key has anyone had any success removing the chrome from the tumbler for plating? The speaker cover has tabs that you can remove they have lighter air vent & lights on them anyone have these that are in great shape? I would also like to find the chrome that goes around the ashtray and radio opening;
  7. The radiator strap has rusted where soldered to the upper tank. I had this repaired about a year ago; I am surprised to see this. Should I clean it up, use a rust encapsulator, and paint over this area? I now need to locate or source all the correct bolts and washers needed. I am trying to locate all the needed parts when I take a break doing rust repair. The paint I used on the inner fenders is not very tough. I can scratch it very easy. After I have the body ready and installed I might paint these with a different product. Part of the learning curve I guess. Steve
  8. This project is my therapy after working. I am trying to keep moving steadily forward it is has more twist and turns then I expected. Learning paint is a new experience . Thanks for all the positive comments Stee
  9. Thanks for the tip Steve
  10. Quick question on the hoses for 1953. Did the OEM just use black heater hose, did it have a logo? If it has the logo what vendor sells this hose. Thanks in advance for the help. Steve
  11. I haven’t posted anything for a while thought I would update my slow progress. Rolling chassis is complete other than bleed brakes, and inner fenders, radiator, and hoses. I then hope to take short drive. I repaired a few more places on the inner fenders and painted them first time I have ever done paintwork. From what I can tell, the engine compartment should not be gloss paint. I have also went back at rust repair, trunk is now in place 100%. I am now going along and fixing all the other rust damage. It is closer than it was but still a ways before it is back on the frame. Steve
  12. I have located the needed mount, I want thank everyone for the help Steve
  13. Kimrod Thanks for asking the pictures don't show how bad this car is rusted. The panels don't even make good scrap the car is all but gone saved the power items and drivetrain and radiator Contact Mr Earl and see what he has he is most likely closer to your location Steve
  14. Mike Your project is looking great! Here are a few pictures of the clip, the two on the side that are not on the tack strip have strip seal added. The other snaps must use the tack strip as the sealer. I had all philips screws holding in the snaps. Steve
  15. Thanks, for the comets I almost used the big fine hammer for the modification it would have been easier. I have one more question on the exhaust system. The hanger over the differential, Buick calls this #3 hanger in parts figure. I have no examples of the hanger for comparison in my treasures. I do have one from a 54 Roadmaster and it is ready for use if it is correct. I have attached a picture with the holes that are available in the frame the 54 uses a hole closer to center of the chassis. This is position #2 in the photo. When I look at the view provided by Buick, I tend to believe 5
  16. Thanks Willie, I have twisted and turned pipes and even tried two different pipes and never could the clearance needed. The new pipe would not fit it was not even close. I ended up using a good used pipe and making a little modification. I now have plenty of clearance at the pass through and along the frame. I believe the header pipe is not correct but this little change on the pipe to muffler did the job. Steve
  17. Installing the exhaust system on my 53, the car came with an exhaust system it looks like it should fit. I hope it is for this car and it can be used. My question is the pipe at the inlet hits the frame. I had one from a parts car, it cleaned up nice and I was going to use it, but it rested against the frame on the right side pass through it would not take much to make it clear. I tried another pipe that came with the car after I realized it was for this car it will fit but the contact is much worse. The new system has no part numbers. I installed the muffler flat this looks correct to me.
  18. Still searching I need the mount on the Dynaflow and the clamp Steve
  19. I plan on cutting a new strap. The problem is the metal mount for the transmission and pipe I have neither. Steve
  20. I have a 54 RM that I am parting out and as luck would have it this part is long gone. Tom this helps with a larger pool to pick from Thanks for the info. Steve
  21. I am looking for this mount that bolts on the transmission for the exhaust hanger. From what I can tell this is a 1953 only hanger Thanks Steve
  22. I have the remains of a 54 Roadmaster I am saving the power brake parts Engine and transmission. This is very rusty and it is picked over, sat for years in an old wrecking yard. The dash is gone as is the front seat; it does however have power windows. Door and quarter window moved when I applied power left side door and quarter window did not move. The bright work around front and back windows looks good. It also has parts and pieces of a continental kit. Shot me a PM if interested in anything. Power window all that I have $ 225 you pay freight. Steve
  23. Power steering noise is an issue I have worked on in large trucks and to some degree hydraulic systems. The systems all have similar complaints. They have Noise, heat, leaks or slow and weak performance. In most cases the noise is air entrapment in the oil, it is one of the things that is hard to get your head around why does it not leak if air is getting in the system. It can be caused by failed seals in the steering box power steering pump or hoses, I replace hoses every time and make sure fittings are not damaged. How I would troubleshoot this, if your reservoir has a removable lid m
  24. I have a parts car with the power brake vacuum pump. I have removed the motor looks as if someone has been in this in years gone by. The motor would not run pulled it apart and found the brush holder rusted out and lower bushing stuck to the armature shaft. I dropped this at a starter repair shop and they were able to come up with a brush holder and bushing. I cleaned up the vacuum motor and assembled the unit tried it and it works and pulls a good vacuum. I do have a question if a spring goes on the seat it looks to have a wittiness mark on the seat for one. I hope someone has been in
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