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1930 Plymouth


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On 10/29/2019 at 7:22 PM, ckowner said:

That was originally a 1930 Plymouth U shell. The top and bottom were reworked to look like the DeSoto shell. It will fit the Plymouth radiator and has a high quality triple chrome plate.


How do you know this information 

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32 minutes ago, Horner1930 said:

I don’t get it at all. You post a picture replying to my in search of parts and then no response from you afterwards. Were you just showing me a picture of one  you don’t want to sell?

PM sent.

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Hi Horner

You asked how I know this information. I am the one who  had that rad shell done since I could not find an original for my 1930 DeSoto CK6. I did find one later, so I sold the one for sale to Bob. He also had the rad for that shell, which was originally from a 1930 Plymouth U. The rad was cleaned and tested.

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2 minutes ago, Horner1930 said:

Thanks to Bob for the radiator shell, I am now down to finding a hood for my 30 u and mis. Little parts thanks. 

Can you give some dimensions for the hood. I have this hood and am not certain if it is Dodge or Plymouth.

IMG_6111 (2).JPG

IMG_6112 (2).JPG

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