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  1. I don’t have anything to measure as I don’t have the radiator/shell yet or anything else to go off of. But I know that your hood is not a 30 Plymouth u
  2. Has anyone heard from this gentleman with the parts advertised? Thanks
  3. Thanks to Bob for the radiator shell, I am now down to finding a hood for my 30 u and mis. Little parts thanks.
  4. Thanks for the info. If you know of one for sale please let me know. I’ve emailed Bob on his private email and here plus called the number you gave me and left him a message and can’t even get a response. Thanks again
  5. I don’t get it at all. You post a picture replying to my in search of parts and then no response from you afterwards. Were you just showing me a picture of one you don’t want to sell?
  6. How do you know this information
  7. How much are you needing to get for it?
  8. I’m still in search of the following parts for a 1930 model 30u hopefully in or near north Idaho do to shipping thanks frame hood radiator shell
  9. I’m looking for a 1930 Plymouth model 30u radiator shell and hood. Thanks
  10. It looks like you already got the help you needed. I’m still in search of a good 1930 Plymouth model 30u hood and radiator shell thanks.
  11. Hi guys I’m still looking for a hood, radiator shell/grille, windshield frame pieces, Frame Or at least some frame information for a 2dr sedan. Also bumpers, the front two fender support brackets, door latches, passenger floor board. Parts will be for a 1930 later model 30u considered to be a 31 any help with parts leads or information would be greatly appreciated thanks. Hopefully some leads to the inland north west. $$$$shipping