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1932 Roadster


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This is a great forum, but not many 32 Chevrolet experts hang out here.

You may what to ask your question in the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America (VCCA) website, specifically the 1929 - 1932 section.

A lot of California VCCA members on that website, since the VCCA Headquarters is in Calif.



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VCCA is teh Chevrolet place to talk and learn Vintage Chevrolets, i own a 1929

just know many parts are not readily available, only a small aftermarket for general items, other than that is it finding someone that has the part, or is parting out a car. here are my resources outside ebay !! remember it is NOT a model T  or A or a Tri Five !!


*The Filling Station in Oregon

....Website: The Filling Station

....Phone:(800) 841-6622


*Gary Wallace in Missouri
.....Website:Early Chevrolet Parts
.....Phone:(314) 293-1991

*Lonny Ekstrand in Texas
.....Website:Stanleys Parts
.....Phone:(817) 478-7265

*Bruce Bugay in Virginia (Posts on here as chevy b)

might also want to try
*Bob Marx in Wisconsin (Posts on here as marxparts)
.....Website:Marx Parts LLC: Antique and Vintage Car Parts
.....Phone:(715) 652-2405

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