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  1. Try The Filling Station.
  2. 1933 Chevy Masters/Eagles had the three louvres on the Hood sides whereas the Standard Series (there was no Mercury series) had many vertical stationary vent slots. On each side of the hood. Love those photos.....thanks for posting? jeff
  3. Need to connect with anybody who has knowledge about Ahrens Fox fire trucks particularly the 1934. Really need a manual copy and parts info. Our Fire Department has one that was restored in 1996 but nobody has any records handy anybody out there? Clubs? Sources? Thanks. Jeff
  4. Thanks Bob!! That is exactly what I wanted to know.......let me know if anyone here is interested before I put this up on ebay next week. Jeff
  5. Hello all. Hope someone can help. I have a NOS Buick Riviera spring loaded hood ornament in the original GM box and am trying to identify the exact years it was for. I believe it is for 1974 & 75 only. On the box it states Group No 1.303 and Part No 1245037. It has a 2 1/2" long base. I will be listing this on ebay if nobody here wants to purchase it first. As you can see I am a car nut, just no longer having the 72 Riviera I learned to drive in. Simply cleaning up the shop and looking to pass on some parts to those who can use them. Thanks for the assist! Jeff
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