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  1. Our Firehouse needs to insure a restored 1934 Ahrens Fox. Both Grundy and Hagerty have said no. Any recommendations on who covers Commercial Antique Vehicles? Thanks much
  2. Try The Filling Station.
  3. 1933 Chevy Masters/Eagles had the three louvres on the Hood sides whereas the Standard Series (there was no Mercury series) had many vertical stationary vent slots. On each side of the hood. Love those photos.....thanks for posting? jeff
  4. Need to connect with anybody who has knowledge about Ahrens Fox fire trucks particularly the 1934. Really need a manual copy and parts info. Our Fire Department has one that was restored in 1996 but nobody has any records handy anybody out there? Clubs? Sources? Thanks. Jeff
  5. Dennis, as stated above, and dozens of times on the VCCA Forum, LOCK OUT the Free Wheeling unit and keep it from being operational. This features is super dangerous in the wrong situation and really does nothing much positive when all is perfect. I've owned my first '33 since 1978 and it has been locked out ever since then with NO COMPLAINTS.......rest assured it will also be locked out once I get the '33 Chevy Phaeton restored and on the road. Hope this helps. You have a real nice ride there..... Jeff. (FYI....here is a photo of the phaeton in it's current state.......and one of me and the '33 Sedan when I restored it back in 1984)
  6. Anybody know of a shop in Southern NJ that will bend up a cat-back system for my '76 Cadillac Coupe? Vineland NJ would be ideal but Id travel elsewhere too. Thanks jeff
  7. Call these guys. They make them. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=291489983615&globalID=EBAY-US
  8. Working on a 33 Chevy Phaeton and in search of ANY NOS Parts or those in good condition. In particular I am looking for: Any condition Bumper Guards Very Good rear fenders Dent Free Air Cleaner Genuine Chevy Wind Wings Snap Spokes Hub Protectors Side curtain rod holder door inserts Lap Robe Anybody out there have these for sale or have any leads??? Jeff
  9. Would you email or PM me with contact info on who bought them?
  10. Anybody with any leads? Need Trico sidemount mirrors too
  11. Unfortunately I do not. These were used on each corner of the interior door panels where the wire-on met at a 90degree angle. Today they are called Welt Tips by many resto shops but all I can find are the stamped steel types that take a nail through the top. The originals had no nail head showing at all Jeff
  12. Any leads out there for VG condition rear fenders or drivers running boards?
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