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  1. Hey Guys I am the new caretaker of a very nice 120 Convertible Coupe. Are there people who reproduce parts for the dash board, such as knobs, and the chrome bezels? Thanks Mark
  2. Hi Would you be interested in my 28 AR roadster. Very early, the date on the tank is Jan. 28. It was restored in the 70’s by the original owner who willed it down to his grandson, who I purchased from. $15k Mark
  3. I saw your car on Autotrader classics, listed by Classic Car Deals. Did they do this without your authorization?
  4. Good Morning Would you still happen to have the handles, for sale? If so I would like to purchase them. Thanks Mark
  5. I’m looking to purchase the gauges for a 1932 Chrysler 6. Preferably in decent condition Thanks
  6. Hello Would you have extra gauges that you could sell? Thanks Mark
  7. Hello Is the motor still available? Could you send pics? Thanks Mark
  8. I’m working on my 1947 Windsor. The distributor cap hold down clips are broken. Does anyone know where I can either pick up the parts or have my distributor rebuilt here in southern california? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Is the car still available? Where is it located?
  10. Hello, Is this Olds still available? Could you send some pics? Thanks Mark
  11. Hello, Could you send me photos of the Graham, as well as the overall length of the car? Also, where are the cars located? Thanks
  12. Love the car. Would you be interested in my 1920 Studebaker Touring?