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1953 skylark convertible poconos Craigslist

Kevin M

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Thanks for sharing, Kevin.  Maybe your posting will

help find that Skylark a new home.  I don't think I've

ever seen one in white before--was that a factory color?


For some reason, 1953-54 Skylarks are incredibly common

in the for-sale ads.  On the Hemmings website alone,

one can often find a dozen for sale.  It seems like a

good percentage of their low production is being offered

at any given time.  (Why do they change hands so often?)

Yet many, many Buick models with much higher

production figures are almost never seen these days,

and are evidently far rarer than those Skylarks.

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 Over the years I have seen maybe 6 white 53s. There was a 53 Skylark owner in Chambersburg who had the car from new and it was white, red upholstery with a black top. For some reason the post office mixed up our Buick Bugles. I called him to see if we could exchange. He asked what I had and I said a work in progress 1937-41 Sedan up on jack stands. This was in the early 1990s. He said he had a 53 and how about him bringing my magazine over to my house. I was very surprised to see him pull up in that white 53 Skylark!

 I never saw the car again or heard from him after that.

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