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1966 Pontiac Grand Prix *SOLD*

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*SOLD* Sometimes it feels wrong to pay too little for a car, and that's probably the case with this 1966 Pontiac Grand Prix. It might just be the finest of its kind on the planet and someone (I don't know who) spent what had to be an astronomical amount of money on the restoration. Yet here it is, the best of its kind, available for $26,900. Maybe that seems like a lot for a Grand Prix hardtop, but please take a few moments to look this one over carefully--I assure you it's even better in person than what you see here. It is finished in its original code V Mission Beige and while it's not especially exciting, it is extremely well done. That sheetmetal is completely unmarked and just as straight as the day it popped out of the press. Not a single rust spot, door ding, or patch anywhere on the car. I don't know where it lived or what it did with its time, but it's unmarked or the restorer who did the work made every possible weld completely invisible. The chrome was all refinished so it really sparkles the way only a fresh car can and it even has T3 headlights up front. 


As nice as the bodywork is, however, the interior is where you'll fall in love. It's totally correct 590-K Gold brocade fabric and vinyl and it's exceptionally well detailed. Everything you can touch is probably new, and if you need to know whether the money was spent, just take a look at that clear plastic steering wheel. Everything works, including the ice cold A/C and power windows, and you're going to slam those doors pretty hard because the seals are new and it seals up so well that it's almost air-tight. It's silent in there. There are auxiliary gauges under the dash for oil pressure and temperature, but that's it for modifications. The trunk is properly finished and that's where the only demerits can be found: there's some mild surface spot rust on the trunk floor that is pretty typical--those rubber trunk mats trap moisture and it's all but inevitable.


The engine is a correct YF-coded 389 cubic inch V8 rated at 325 horsepower in the Grand Prix. Experts will note that the 1966 Grand Prix 389 was not available with Tri-Power, which was added during the restoration (the original 4-barrel intake and carb are included). The setup was recently rebuilt and tuned, so it starts instantly and idles smoothly, and it does indeed make this big coupe hustle. The engine bay is very well detailed with only very minor signs of use, mostly on the exhaust crossover where all Pontiacs burn the engine enamel off the heads and intake. They did get a little creative with the fuel line routing, and I might try to clean that up to really make it look OEM, but to their credit they used a proper filter with a return line--I believe those are pretty danged rare. The TH400 shifts crisply and with 3.25 gears out back, it's a superlative highway cruiser with the A/C cranking. Ride quality is what you'd expect for a luxury car from the '60s: smooth, controlled, and totally isolated. There's not a squeak or rattle anywhere in this car and you can hear the bumps but you sure don't feel many of them. There's a fresh dual exhaust system, the brakes and suspension are rebuilt, and as long as you're looking around, check out how clean those original floors really are. 14-inch wheels with hubcaps look right and carry fresh Goodyear whitewall radials that ride and handle great. 


Another car that just gets everything right. I'll admit that it doesn't grab you like a red car might, but one drive in that gorgeous interior will convince you that the guy who owned this car in 1966 was well and truly The Man. That guy didn't need flash, and this car totally nails it. As I said, the price is $26,900, which is more than the price guides say it should be, but then again, you're getting the restoration for thirty cents on the dollar and the car is free. Pretty hard to beat that, don't you think? Thanks for looking!














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Thanks to the moron who chased away two other buyers and then his wife decided she didn't like the color so he's not buying it then contacted his credit card company to take the deposit back instead of having the stones to call us. Grrr...

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OK, NOW it's sold to a guy who isn't a goofball and who is buying his first collector car. He's very excited but even better than that, his lady friend LOVES it. He's going to have a lot of fun with this car. Man this thing drives well!

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