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  1. Lately as I get crustier when driving in moderate to heavy traffic I'm much preferring to drive my 09 Challenger R/T 6 speed standard than my old 69 Dart 340. The lack of lane disipline, cell phone use, and general bad driving around me makes modern 4 wheel disc brakes and quick steering a must. When I did get to drive my 60 Cadillac (now sold) it was only a back road cruiser instead of a summer semi- daily driver. Maybe the old age paranoid feelings are getting the best of me. When you quit driving them it's time to sell them. A lot of my old car friends have now given up the hobby and I'm just turning 65. Another 10 years I can see it fading away to a very small group.
  2. I keep seeing the 55-57 Chev's for sale online for up to 2 years with no buyers. I think everybody that wants one already has it and as they age, lose interest and storage or pass away there are 3 cars for every buyer.
  3. I watched that video. Hoarding is a far bigger problem than I ever thought!
  4. I agree. Animal cruelty has no place on this or any other forum
  5. That has to be a true labour of love to restore a 4 door tri5 Chevy. Probably cost more to do, or at least the same as a 2 door and definitely will not sell for the same money. Just a great looking car all over!
  6. That may very well be the case. But this car was slapped together with many rough edges of bodywork only visible down low. Not professional at all. As for the chassis I can't see how an ethically run shop could or would do a very expensive "Mop 'N Glo' job on a badly rusted and shoddily repaired car that was not safe to drive.
  7. That looks like a cool hot rodded Benz! Probably the cheapest to maintain vs an original engined Adenaur.
  8. I packed it less than 5 minutes of watching. Same old formula for these "reality' car TV shows. I recently had a good look underneath a 1975 or so Rolls Royce that was supposed to be "restored" by a shop here in Canada that has it's own Reality TV show on History Channel. It was really, really bad. I mean cobbled together in a very poor way. But the paint was very shiny!!
  9. One trend that I see is the amount of old cars that are coming to market as the "hoarders" die off. Lot's of collections being put up for auction, and many more to come. The cars needing restoration are going down in price while the nice stuff holds or goes up.
  10. Seems that predicting the future of collecting cars is same as always. Never a sure thing!
  11. Nice to see someone with deep pockets buy a Studebaker. As a Studebaker owner I'm always befuddled at how most Stude people are cheapskates. Only interested in how low of a price they can obtain Studebaker cars or parts for.
  12. I had the Canadian counterpart to this gorgeous car. But my 1966 Grande Parisenne was no match for the condition of this, nor could it have been restored to this level for the asking price. Very nice Matt!
  13. A rarely seen Canadian market only 51 Meteor convertible posted on kijiji Ontario https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/peterborough/51-meteor-convertible/1453445546?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
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