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Dismantle headlamps on ‘38 Special


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Hi All,

am following Steves thread on installing relays into the headlamp housings on my 1938 Special.


Managed to remove the headlamp glasses, bulbs and loosen the reflector.


Can anyone advise how the headlamp inner housings can be removed from the outer casings.


Even a glass of wine has not made it clear and my shop manual doesn’t really come to terms with dimantling much at all.


Photo below shows where I have got to.




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Maybe my post on building them can help you?





That clip on the bottom of this photo fits into the shell to secure the inner housing




Sorry the photo is dark, but you can see that clip.  just release those clips and the inside will pop out

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Hi Gary,

many thanks, I will give it a try tomorrow night.


I did see those clips but I couldn’t have had enough wine at the time. 


Your photos have helped immensely,

cheers Rodney ?????

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That's how you do it.  Remove the screw, press down on the back with your thumbs while pushing / sliding forward, maybe lifting the front as you go.  it'll come off.




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Hi all,

wow, amazing what you can do when you know how to do it. Housing popped out this morning in 30seconds flat!


Many, many thanks for all the pics, really helped. Now for the easy bit, fitting up the relays. ????

Rodney ????



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Hi Jim,

when I picked up the “new 1938 Buick” and drove it home (Melbourne to Adelaide) the last 2 hours was in darkness, as the headlamps were useless. I am now fitting relays as per the instructions from Steve in a post he did some time back. The 6V relays on hi beam and low beam help if using 6V QH globes which I am. Great instructions with an upgrade that only the owner knows about ???

cheers Rodney ???


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What a transformation! 

Have spent an hour or two fitting up 6V headlamp relays to the headlights and the difference is like “night and day” Literally!


Used four relays, two each side, one each for LOW beam, one each for HIGH beam. Used some 5mm cable to feed the power, earth and feeds from the connector mounted each side of the hood side panel. All connections are soldered, including an earth wire to the lamp socket, and all power feeds from the battery are fused. 


So many, many thanks to all who helped and to STEVE for his informative article. I think this is a must do for any pre-war Buick!


And the test will be this Sunday morning! Any, way, pics below! These are the globes that came with the Buick.


BTW I tried Anthony Pearson’s 6V QH globes but one side was intermittent and did not feel comfortable with that. May be the globe base is slightly off. 


Rodney ??????? Last photo is what it was before the conversion after cleaning the connections.







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