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1964 Buick LeSabre Estate Wagon KX Code

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Ed, this thing is loaded! 

Power windows

Power seats

Power rear window



4-note horns


Power antenna

Rear speaker

Rear Wiper


A-8 2 4bbl Super WIldcat engine- 

Cornering lights

Roof Rack (off for maintenance)

PB+PS :)

missing- tilt steering column and Guidematic.  

It came with a tow hitch, low capacity.  The first owners were Florists.  They must have used this for the business.

There is a plug in the rear bumper for the trailer hook up and mysterious holes in the cargo area.  

Rides extremely well, just a great car.

Thanks! Ted

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@Ted "Wildcat65" Nagel

I don't know if the Wildcats have the same clearance issues as the 63 - 65 Rivieras but on the Riviera, the positive post of the battery should be next to the radiator and the cables crossed.  With the positive post toward the fender, there's a possibility that the post can contact the hood - BIG short.  A service bulletin says that to keep the positive cable from wearing through by rubbing against the bell of the big horn, it should be run between the battery and the hold down bolt. If you use an F group battery, the positive post will be closer to the radiator and on the back of the battery so the cable doesn't lie across the top of the battery.  I'm only posting this because I had the BIG short on my 63 Riviera.

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There's a clip on the inner fender under voltage regulator that you can slide that positive cable under. You might consider using it to keep that red cable away from the bell on that big horn. 😁

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I love this thread! Can we see the positive batt cable issue? Battery cables should NEVER cross! But then the fuel line after the pump should not be rubber, strictly steel, yet on my long sold '66 Skylark GS, the line WAS rubber from the pump to the filter to the carb, and genuine factory original. 

Ford used a short rubber stub on the inlet side of the filter, and Chrysler used short rubber stubs on either side of the fuel filter just prior the carb. Those short rubber hoses would dry out due to engine heat and were susceptible to fuel leak... 

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I guess that crossed isn't the best word to use but from the factory,the positive and negative battery cables were on opposite sides of the car from the horn relay and the power steering pump bracket (where the ground cable is attached.)  There is ample room for the cables in the engine compartment. 

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