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  1. I was thinking of installing large Buick drum brakes on the front of my '63:Chev Biscayne, it has a 409 425hp 4 speed. The 6 cylinder brakes are definitely overwhelmed!
  2. $785 seem steep to me. I bought a rebuilt 700R4 without returning the core, and the guy put in all the best quality parts and a shift kit and it was $900 out the door. The 400 would perform better with a shift kit, but it's not necessary, especially for a weekend show car, and all the stock hard parts are more than adequate, whereas the 700 needed a few update parts, especially since I use it in a four-wheel-drive Suburban and I tow heavy loads. I towed both this junk S10 plow truck, and they almost drunk Mercedes a total of 200 miles on Sunday. On the road from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. I was stopped by the state police at 11 p.m. in Vermont for going too slow on the interstate so, I told him I was peddling as fast as I could
  3. This wasn't the only powerful car to have single exhaust, Cadillac was doing this by 1966 or 67. In 1968 they had a brand new high performance 472 V8, and one muffler. My 1968 Olds 98 455 Rocket 88 high compression is also single exhaust. My 1965 Grand Prix 389 4 Bbl has the optional dual exhaust. I guess GM wanted to give one more option to make extra money, and only one muffler to rust out? If you choose to go dual exhaust, choose the system very carefully based on previous owners experience. Sometimes the pipes are bent in a less-than-perfect fashion, my Grand Prix is a good example. The guy paid a custom muffler shop $900, and he could have bought the most perfect bent system, made by computer for $600. So now I look at sagging pipes that are stretching my beautiful original rubber exhaust hangers.
  4. There's also a link to a red one, nice condition
  5. I will soon. I tryed to attach many pix of the 225, but only the GP posted. I will dictate using talk to text, but much error correcting is required, simpler, but still a job
  6. I selected 12 pix, only 1 posted, oh well
  7. I drove my newly acquired '65 GP lo miles survivor 12k miles last summer, starting immediately after I bot it in July, and we just came back from 1000 mile (each way) trip to Chicago, and turned around the next day and drove my also recently acquired '65 Electra to Mid-Ohio, 800 miles each way!
  8. I think my Electra would like to tow your boat lol
  9. I wouldn't restore it! Sweet, I love the patina! Leave it as is! And they were asking 21k? Seems more like it would be worth more like we'll under 10k IMO.
  10. I recently bot this one, 48k survivor, I wasn't sure if I did the rite thing, paying 16k with eBay dealer - flipper undeclared rust. But I just drove it to Detroit and Ohio, A/C blows cold and she drove great. Shame to put on 3,000 miles, but they need to be driven and enjoyed! Now if I could get the cruise to work!? Mostly factory original paint except LF fender, mint mint mint original interior
  11. Resurrecting this thread.. Any news of the Electra that got away?
  12. I saw a Buick at a recent Buick Gathering, I think it was a 71 Skylark with a 3 speed on the column, and I believe it was Twilight turquoise, or maybe it was a different car at a different show, but whatever the car was, that color was stunning stunning stunning. I think the 3-speed on the tree-250 Chevy 6 cylinder Skylark (Franklin-Boston) is the bottom picture, and here's a few other Corvairs (Detroit) in some nice colors, and I think that '67 Cadillac (Hines Cruise Detroit) is the Twilight Turquoise one, but I forget. The GTO (Mansfield Ohio) is a tri-power 4speed A/C car, barn found, needs a full restored. The Corvette is a restomod LS powered and the' 66 Monza 4-door Sport sedan (Brooklyn) is a factory A/C low miles car, and my friend's daughter was getting married in the picture
  13. Nice patina... I would drive them AS-IS!!!