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Delco Remy distributor 652 c help requested

Guest philmad

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Guest philmad


I have an old french V8 DELAGE D8S equipped with a delco remy 652c distributor.

I have to replace the cap ,rotor and twin points but  this distributor is not very common in FRANCE.

If somebody can help me to find this spare parts in US or knows which US cars were also equipped with this model ,It will be appreciate.

thank you very much for your help




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Post more photos please, from the top and side, as well as the mounting tower. The shop I work with can probably help out without too much problem. Ed

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D-R 652C does not show in The Hollander or Motor manual for vehicles after about 1933. Thus no American vehicle after 1933 used it.



In fact my American books all leap from 649 to 662 with nothing in between. We need to see it and match the type to another for ignition parts selection.

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If you're still looking, have you been able to review period ignition parts catalogs over there for other near-period 8s, straight or V8s,, that may've used your distributor or a close variant??

While I'm unfamiliar with Euro vehicles, over here it's unusual to have a model with completely unique distributor internals; a dealer in obsolete ign parts may be able to match up a rotor and points that'll work acceptably---a cap may or may not be unique...

Do you know if the factory made local ign systems available as well as DR, for owners who preferred as completely French a model as possible???

My apologies if you've already exhausted dealers there...

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If it looks like this...




you might have a distributor cap from one of these:




To me it looks like DR-6, beside DR-1. If that is the case, it was used on Hupmobile 1928 Series E3 8 cyl.; Roosevelt 8, 1929-30; Studebaker FA - Pres. 8 1929-30.


So, what does it look like out of this lot? This is from a 1934 catalogue. Does it have dual points? You want a cap number starting with D in the picture.


I would expect it to be the same as others at the top of distributor but the length and mounting will be different, hence the different model number.

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Well, well, well...went thru a roughly 28/29/30 to 42 Shurhit catalog without success, but various 652s are listed in a 56 Filko Trk/Bus catalog (not in makes sections but dist list included)...

652Cand D took then Filko 27-28-37 point set (apparently one set---most point sets in that catalog are numbers like 27-35 or 52-35, with a few 3 digit segment numbers and a few with letters added) (or maybe 3 piece point set??) DR88 cap, DR83 rotor and DR224 condenser...

Perhaps you can get those old Filko numbers crossed with something still available...

None of those are unique numbers, appearing for various other DRs, so these may be 'universal" parts, not exact replicas of OE...

SPHILL  that 56 list shows 650, 651, 652,( no 653) 654 (no 655) 656, 657-661, all shown with various letter designations

656 is a 6, 657-661 are 8s per the Shurhit catalog


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Guest Electricben

Hello Phil,

The 652C distributor was not mentioned anymore in my original Delco Remy catalogue from 1948, covering all distributors between 622 and 665 (+ all the newer distributors), covering passengercars as well as trucks.

The numbers of the distributors jump from 649 to 660, and unforunately nothing between.


However there are 2 other possibillities for getting results. Please take off your old distributor cap and see of numbers are stamped inside the cap. Do the same with the rotor. With some luck you will find numbers (6 or 7 digits). With those numbers i can determine for sure what cap or rotor is needed.


If you cannot find numbers, there is the second option. Make several close-up photographs from those items, seen under an angle from the top and seen from below and send me those photographs.

If you do also need new ignitionpoints and condensor photograph them too.

A good and sharp photo is worth for me as good as a usefull catalogue..., because of my vast experience and knowledge of ignitions.


Even if you have found numbers, I do advise you strongly to send me the photos too: it gives me and you an extra security for having rhe right items.


Why do I ask this?  I am retired now, but I do still have a big stock of the most rare distributor caps, rotors, ignition points and condensors, mainly for cars from 1930 till 1965.

With more than 35 years of experience in the field of ignition, I do know all the tricks to find the right part for your car.

Do not hesitate to send me a private mail.


I am living overseas in the Netherlands, but i do send your order anywhere you want.

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