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Is sign up for Judging closed for HOMA LA.

Joe Block

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Jeff, I thought maybe someone else would reply to this but since they have not it deserves a response:


It is critical that the chief judge has all the information in for judging by the deadline.  A lot of work goes into assigning teams, team captains and honoring requests.  A LOT of work.  If judges come in at the last minute it only helps if people have dropped out and there are not full teams.  If teams are full there is no need for the judges and it just adds a hardship to everyone to try and find a use for the judge or he/she is turned away. 


This is a policy that our officials have decided must be enforced due to too many problems at the meets and makes Saturday morning a "goat corral."  I can tell you at the last meet several experienced judges and even a national director were turned away.


In the past the club as tried its best to be lenient on deadlines but deadlines are deadlines!  Even I have to get that through my head as I have been late in the past. 

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