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Help with installation of 64 folding rear seat arm rest...


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Hi Riv Fans,


I have restored a folding rear seat arm rest package

for my 1964 SWC riviera.  Any one ever install this?  Any words advice welcome. Also, is there an easy way to remove the rear seat bottoms?  I did  pulled up on them pretty hard but they did not budge.  





Raleigh, NC

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To remove the seat bottom, you must push in and pull up at the same time.  There is a hook above each foot well.  If possible, move both front seats fully forward so you can get in there.  Once loose, pull out slowly.  I have had the seat frame catch on the vinyl side armrests and rip it.  Same for the re-installation.  Don't catch any of the seat frame on the armrest vinyl.  The center armrest is a simple bolt in option requiring no modifications.  The filler plate beneath the radio speaker is a smaller piece from those that didn't have this option so hopefully you got that item when you purchased the armrest.  They often go missing as most people think they are the same size.  The old piece will not fit after the installation.

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Well duh! And to think, I used to teach some reading.  Just goes to show that a couple of letters can make a completely different interpretation.  So emdd61, do as Pat says, push the bottom of the rear seat frame toward the back of the car and lift.  Once the frame clears the hooks, it will come out.  You don't want it to come out too easily otherwise your back seat passengers would be in the front seat if you had to make a panic stop.  :)

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