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Headlight Len,s

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F&F headlamp lenses were distributed by Faucher & Fils Ltee of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  They were replacement lenses that did not have the original manufacturer’s script or markings.  Number 151 is listed as 9 5/16” x 8 ½” convex, 1” deep for the following (Canadian) applications:

DeSoto                                 1932  6 cyl

Dodge                                   1935 Pass

Dodge                                   1934-36 Trucks

Essex Terraplane              1932-34

Fargo                                     1936

Hudson                                1934

International                      1933-36

Plymouth                            1933

Rockne                                 1933

Studebaker                        1934-35

The note for this lens indicates that it is a replacement for Bi-Ray and Twilite equipment.  Hope this helps.


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