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  1. The sedan on the right side of the first picture looks like a 1939 Chevrolet
  2. I've sent a PM. Glad to hear I can help you. Tom
  3. I know this is an old ad, but I have two excellent 10 1/4 Bausch and Lomb STAR lenses. One is clear and one has a slight purple tint from sun exposure. They fit Franklin and several other mid to late 1920s applications.
  4. Oshawa CKD operations lasted well into the 1990s. I don't know the final date, but the first large volume car exports to China were Buick Regal kits from Oshawa.
  5. Tiltray GL-193 is the original number and was converted to 912185 in newer listings. It fits 29-30 Marquette, 29 Pontiac, 29 Peerless and some 30 Pontiac models.
  6. This is a great car show on February 17 in Clearwater which is close to Tampa. Lots of cars and a nice setting. https://www.rutheckerdhall.com/cruisin
  7. For 1925, I understand that the early Chevrolet Superior K series and had no headlight mounting bar and the later ones had a tubular headlight mounting bar. The change was about August 1, 1925 for US produced cars.
  8. I think it is a 1925 since I can't see outside door handles which were introduced in 1926 (in North America).
  9. I'd like to purchase the radio head and box. It is for a 1937 Chevy and is correct for the car I am restoring. Please reply to me by private message. Thanks Tom Burtch
  10. 1918472 is the number of the cast iron housing. It was used on starter number 1107982. Originally there would have been a tag on the starter body with the starter number. I believe this starter was only on 1951 Oldsmobiles.
  11. These look like replacement lenses (no script) and Ottawa was one of the aftermarket lens manufacturers. The original lenses for 1929-30 Pontiac and Marquette were Tiltray number 912185. These lenses have flat faces and locating nubs on the bottom as shown in your photo. The size listed for the Tiltray lens is 9 7/16 OD x 8 31/32 prism, but I have also seen 8 15/16 marked in the glass rim as the prism diameter. Aftermarket replacement lenses generally have very little market value. I have good used Tiltray lenses for sale if you need them. Tom
  12. Mounts on bottom are not correct for 1933-34 Chevrolet. Looks like the mounts used by Chrysler products of about 1932-34. May be 1932 Dodge as I think it used a convex Twilite lens that was close to the one used by Chevrolet.
  13. I'm interested. Will send private message. Tom
  14. I'll buy the "1930 Standard Practices for Assembly plants and Warehouses - Inventory Control" book if you still have it. I'll send a private message with my contact information. Tom
  15. Looks like 33-34 Chrysler or Imperial. There should be a part number cast in the lip which will confirm the application.
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