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Chrysler 70 finer Roadster TJR Aust Body

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Guest martylum

Hi Ron-I have a 1930 DeSoto roadster with an American factory wood-framed body. I had some duplicates of the original 2 piece door hinges made using laser cutting equipment. If your Australian roadster used the same type of hinge I might be able to help you.

Let me know your e-mail address and I'll send pics.

Marty Lum

1930 Desoto roadster

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Hi Ron,

I recently imported a 26 G70 tourer body from Sydney, the cowl has a built in Canada plate, but I cant be sure if the car went to Aussie as a complete car or not. It is possible the body may have been partly built by TJR or Holden. I don't have spare hinges, but if you send me a pm with your email I will send you some pictures.

Also try the Chrysler restorers club of Australia SA, their members seem to have plenty of these cars.



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Guest 25 chry

I am in the Chrysler restorers club (South Australia )branch. I have a 1925-6 Chrysler 58 model TJR body.The door hinges would not be the easy to make and I think Holden used a door hinge very similar. I don't know if I have got any spare hinges

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