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  1. Disregard I found an old post on mine (silly me) and my question was answered back then.
  2. Measured head front to back 25 inches
  3. I was wondering if anyone can help me to identify a parts car I bought all I have to go off is the engine number. C 19883. Cheers Mcgoo
  4. Hey Phil937 i know this post old but im trying to track down clock and switches driving lights and switch either side of dash cluster. Do you have or know of anyone who has any. This is last piece needed to finish car
  5. Hey Col I had some made up for mine by local metal shop. Surely you have a place around there somewhere. Mine was done by roofing place. Mcgoo
  6. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if these radiators are from different vehicles and which is correct for a 1930 66 series. Note the difference in the height from bottom of surround to crank hole. Overall radiator height is the same approx 33 1/2". First pic, green one, was with a 66 series parts car purchased some years ago. Hole centre approx 3" from bottom Second pic is one attached to parts car i recently got with 2 different bodies. Note crank hole is approx 5" from bottom. Any constructive comments appreciated.
  7. Hello boys did you see the 27 chrysler e8 motor and box for sale on ebay. Only noticed it today $500 good price Mcgoo
  8. Nice work Ben where did you find all that. Mcgoo
  9. Ill have a look but think they are just a single piece.
  10. Cheers guys if you know anyone who wants to buy a set. Mcgoo
  11. Cheers peoples i think im going to call it a 66. Now all i need to do is restore it. Mcgoo
  12. Here is a pic of the brackets at bottom of radiator. May have to zoom in to see yhem
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