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29 130 Running after years of setting

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I bought this about 6 months ago. The engine was in box's so it became a challenage to put it back together and get it running. It was parked and torn down because of a broken exhaust valve. Well now it is running and driving. What a KICK Trying to up load pictures with no success.

I have a movie on Youtube Search driving Franklin

http://youtu.be/MhIVQoCkq6s I think this will take you to the viedo ?



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Kirk, Thanks for the reply. I just relized I was only running on 5 cyl. I must have dropped # 6 spark plug and it was compleetly closed, Sounds better know and runs smoother. As far as double clutching I have not had to do it since I was 16 and that was a long time ago.

Thanks again Mike

PS C U on Facebook

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congratulations on getting her running!

Steve, could you elaborate on Cazenovia? Wife lives in Cuse and would love to go to the show-I am assuming.............................

The annual Franklin Trek has been held in Cazenovia since 1970. We usually get about 75-90 Franklins attending. Check out the Franklin Club web site for more info.


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