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  1. I'm thrilled to read this. I'll look into making reservations as well. Scott Arnold
  2. Hi Roger, John Strawway took that over from Gordon. He should have what you need. Scott
  3. Did you see this? Car may still be available. Good luck!
  4. Hi Sunny, I'd like this if it's still available. I'll send you a message right now. Thanks, Scott
  5. I MAY have one. I'll check this weekend and let you know.
  6. I have a '29 Franklin I suppose I will part with for your $35,000. I guess its an open model in the sense that the top needs to be replaced. I agree with you that this '29 stakebody is the best looking Franklin.
  7. Mothboss, where are you located? I've got two Franklin projects in the $5000 range here in Pennsylvania. Good luck in your search regardless.
  8. Pennsylvania 18657 yesterday, 5/28
  9. Scott in PA

    brake drums

    I think I have those, Roger. I'll check tomorrow and text you.
  10. Scott in PA

    24 manuals

    I guess I WASN'T certain. I see the S11 catalog available on Amazon but not for S10. You'll need to contact the club librarian. I'll text you.
  11. Scott in PA

    24 manuals

    Hi Roger! The club librarian can help you, or, I believe both of those are now printed on demand when you order them from Amazon. I'm certain the parts catalog is available that way. Text me if you have questions. Scott
  12. I heard "over $8000 plus a $1700 auction fee". No idea who bought it. Does anyone know who bought it or where it's headed?
  13. Hi folks, I have a couple of Franklin projects I'd like to sell to better address some health concerns I'm having. First one is a 1925 11A sedan. I bought this a year ago from the family of the second owner. We dropped the pan, replaced the oil pump, added a pan gasket, checked the rod & main bearings, removed the gas tank to clean and seal it, cleaned out the vacuum tank, etc etc. The car runs and shifts fine but is a PROJECT. There are frame issues, the paint job the previous owners had done did not adhere. Supposedly they got their money back for it, but in any event it will need to be painted. There are a number of other issues with the car making it a PROJECT. I do have a clear title in my name. Car is in Tunkhannock, Pa which is 2 hours from Cazenovia in a modern car. Transportation can be arranged. $7000 Scott Arnold 5702376067
  14. Mike, I may have an extra window crank. I'll look this weekend and let you know. I think I have a few heaters as well. Swartz, I have a lot of '29 parts. If there's something you're looking for just let me know. Thanks, Scott
  15. My friend has a few from V8 Cadillacs. His car is a 1920 but some of the spares may be earlier. Just message me if this is something that may work for you and I'll put you in touch with him. Good luck!
  16. Welcome to the world of Franklins! Your engine appears to be a 1925. The oldest known '25 engine in the printed registry is engine E98078 with the newest '25 engine printed being E106823. It can be a bit more complicated than that, but that is the quick answer. I encourage you to join the Franklin Club as you'll receive a wealth of information. If you know the serial number of your car we can figure out some additional information. Good luck!
  17. For sale! 1925 Franklin 11A sedan. I bought this from the family of the second owner, in non running condition. This summer we dropped the gas tank, cleaned it all out, cleaned vacuum tank, dropped the pan, checked and set all rod and main bearings, etc. After a bunch of little things and after a bunch of new gaskets the car now runs well. The pictures actually do it TOO much justice; the car still needs some love, but I'd like to sell it before winter, thus a pretty fair price. Good title in my name. $9800. Please comment or send me a message and I'll tell you all about it. Other Franklins for sale if you call the house phone and my wife answers, haha. Car is in Tunkhannock, Pa which is near Scranton and and mere 2 hours north of Hershey, hint hint. I can deliver to Hershey.
  18. Scott in PA

    any interest?

    Hi Roger, I'd be interested as well. If you place a "Who-would-be-interested" ad in the next Franklin Service Station, you'll reach a lot of members who may not use the computer much. Great idea, Scott
  19. Scott in PA


    I have the hubcaps you need. I'll sends yout a message. Definitely contact Jeff Hasslen for the felt oil pads. Good luck with your car!
  20. Hi Keith! Club member Jeff Hasslen produces very high quality gaskets of literally every gasket for that engine. Find his contact info on the HH Franklin club website under parts. If this info is a $35 lifesaver to you, please consider joining the club or encouraging the vehicle's owner to join the club. Good luck with the engine and please keep us posted!
  21. Correction: Engine # is 110819. I accidentally listed serial number the car was back-in-the-day.
  22. FOR SALE: RUNNING 1926 series 11A engine. #162611. I bought this spare engine along with a series 11 coupe in the Fall of 2014. Over that winter my dad tore it apart and got it running well. NOTE: This engine has not been "rebuilt", meaning that while it is now in fine running condition, it does still have it's original Babbitt. We put this engine in my series 10 sedan last Spring, and drove the car with it for the past year while my original sedan engine was at the machine shop. YES, this is the engine I used in my car for the past year. I drove the sedan to my dad's garage in March and we pulled this engine out. Another club member was going to purchase this for a project, but has since gone in a different direction, so I now have this completely running engine available for sale. This can be dropped right in your Franklin for trips to the ice cream stand, sent out for rebuild, or displayed prominently in your living room (with exhaust funneled out a window of course). Engine is located between Scranton, PA and Binghamton, N.Y. and is about a 2 hour drive from Cazenovia. $4000. Please contact me for additional information. Scott Arnold Scottarnold@frontiernet.net 5702376067
  23. What size is this? I think I may see a Franklin belt buckle in my future!
  24. Congratulations Robert! Hopefully you've already joined the Franklin Club. The Club is a wealth of knowledge and will be to assist you keeping car the road. Look up Jeff Hasslen under "For sale-parts" on the club website for your gasket needs. Mike West probably has just about everything else your list. He'll see post get a hold of you. Where are from? Good luck! Scott Arnold
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