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  1. Great job! Sounds good. Aren't non-sync. transmissons fun? See if you can have an old trucker show you how to double clutch. We have plenty of Franklin Pics on my FB page if you want to ck them out, look up Kirk Arnold on FB.
  2. Old Tech

    Connecting Rod

    Do you have a part number off the rod? We picked up some Series 10 - 11 engine parts, but there are two rods, I can't ID. However, they are two bolt rods.
  3. The factory recommendation (10 Series) is to clean and re-oil the felt pads every 1,000 miles or every month (assuming regular use). During "regular" use, I make sure the pads are damp, and squirt the pads, rockers, valve tips, and stems. I would suggest that be done every two weeks.
  4. This type of oil deliver system works off of intake vacuum and meters a small amount of top end oil into the intake manifold where it is delivered to the cylinders through the intake valves. Marvel Mystery Oil offered a similar unit through the 60s.
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