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1956 Dodge Zombie:Well, not really - Actually it’s the...

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That is an Australian-built 1956 Dodge Kingsway. The 1954 styling was used in 1954, 1955 and 1956, for Plymouth, Dodge Kingsway and DeSoto Diplomat models.

The 1956 Australian Kingsway came in three levels -

Custom - D49-2 - P26 engine (US) - 230.6-cid

Crusader - D49-3 - KEW.2P engine (UK) - 250.6-cid

Coronet - D49-4 - KEW.2PF engine (UK) - 250.6-cid

The 1956 Australian Plymouth was similar, just a Plymouth nose instead of Dodge -

Cranbrook - P25-2 / Savoy - P25-3 / Belvedere - P25-4

Replace the Plymouth grille with a DeSoto unit and you get the DeSoto Diplomat :

Custom - SP25-2 / Regent - SP25-3 / Plaza - SP25-4

Engines on the Plymouth and Diplomat were the same as the Kingsway.

The chassis on the Australian 1953-56 models was the same 114" frame used on North American 1953-54 Plymouths.

And Chrysler Australia really got mileage out of that body by adapting the 1956 Plymouth front and rear ends on the 1953-56 body along with a larger rear wraparound rear window - the Chrysler Royal. The last Chrysler Royal was built in 1963 - ten years for the 1953 body.

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