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100th Dodge shirts, etc....

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To bad they don't offer a white T-shirt.

And I agree that a shirt with some familiar original logos would be in order.

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My wife presented me with a T shirt and a zip up jacket one year with a photo of one of my antiques on them for Xmas. The T shirt had the photo on the front, the jacket had it on the back. She tells me she went to a photo shop that also makes calendars with the 12 months' photos supplied by you. Also as a gift. The place is Canadian and is called Black's Camera. It's a big chain in Ontario and still very much in business. Don't know what the equivalent would be in the U.S. or elsewhere.

More: I phoned my local Black's and they updated me on what they do today. It's all done on the internet now. You go to Black's.ca and set up the T shirt there. You can put on any j:peg you want and then the shirt is shipped to the local Black's for you to pick up. He said if you wanted a number of shirts it would be better to go to the store and haggle for a price for quantity. I didn't go to the site but he says the shirts are $19.95 CDN. They also still do calendars at $29.95 Cdn.

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