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  1. Hello everybody, After a few years of minimal progress, I'm back to making some progress on the car. Ever since I rebuilt the engine, I've had a small oil leak or two around the generator and front of the pan. Nothing major, but always a drop hanging there, and a 2" wet spot on the floor. Have any of you ran into sealing issues that can be easily fixed or should I ignore it and say it's the nature of the beast? Dennis
  2. I read earlier in this post that you used a "Caswell black oxide" kit for some of your hardware...How well did it hold up? I tried the "heat it and dip it in oil" method, and it looked great until I left my car in a somewhat damp garage for the winter and almost everything I blackened rusted...Just looking for a better method..
  3. I don't think there was a seal at all on our engine- If I remember correctly, oil just drains off the shaft into a trough, then into the pan from there....
  4. What model are you re-building? Just curious....
  5. We took a pile of pictures of our whole project so far, but I just looked thru most of them and there is almost none of the clutch..Do you have the Bittence book? Any particular question?
  6. I'm glad you revealed the answer...It's been driving me crazy trying to figure it out...Worst part- being the "lock & key guy" at our shop, It should have been easy for me!
  7. Wow! It's already been almost a month since our last post...Well, here's a quick update- The car runs, moves, steers, cools, shifts, charges, stops, and turns heads! All with a couple of test drives across the street to the church parking lot. I also confirmed that I will need much further refinement of my double clutching technique..Still lots of fine tuning to do, and still even a couple of leaks to fix, but a good feeling to be able to go into the garage and fire it up anytime. Rear fenders are at the body shop, fronts are going to be a while yet. John Louis built himself and I each a dandy battery box...Here is an outdoor picture of how it looks now-
  8. I hate to ask, probably an old, over discussed subject, but what is reason to avoid oil with detergent in these engines?
  9. Shannon still plans to do it...We have a lot of the supplies already...she says I need to be done with the rest of the car before she begins..so I'm on a mad rush to get some stuff done so maybe she will dive in on the interior while I go fishing every night for the rest of the summer!!...That's my plan, anyways...
  10. Tonight I tried the lead & Yamabond on one of the leaking holes, and it worked good. We were able to run the engine, this time with a cooling system, for probably 15 minutes straight at least. Ran good, but a little lean still, even with the adjuster bottomed out. Going to have to adjust the setting of the shaft it looks like. Clutch works, trans works, brakes work...(That's without leaving the garage, though-) Also had water leaks at first, but most seemed to seal up as the engine warmed up-- I guess I'll see tomorrow morning if the floor is all wet...Just water in it for now. Anybody going to the car show in Detroit this weekend?
  11. The clamps say "Ideal" on them, and I think they are somewhat modern..May just start with new clamps for now, easy to switch out later...On a positive note, It was Christmas in Sault Sainte Marie today, with a box of chrome goodies showing up...Now to see If I can get the hood hold-downs back together without damage or lost parts!
  12. Do these appear to be the original radiator hose clamps? And if yes, should I attempt to use them, or go for modern ones?
  13. I'm pretty sure I'm going to try a dab of Yamabond and a lead split-shot driven into the hole...At least on one or two of them to see if it works...
  14. Thanks! Hoping to be able to run the engine some more in the next few days. I have found no grommets anywhere except in the firewall...And the Vacuum tank is just a reflection of the flash, inside is just bare metal, waiting to rust again (hope not).
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