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ol swede

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1st off thanks for the volumes of info posted by the members here!! I've been lurking here for a while & finally decided to join & hopefully can contribute some knowledge I may have experience with to some one needing a hand. This winter I got the bug to have a car to tinker with & after searching rods for a while decided that's not what I was after, some more searching & found what at this point has been a fun car 1936 Chrysler C8. Not a show car but so far a pretty dependable driver that still needs some TLC. Have to get some pics up soon. Thanks for a great site. Dale

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Guest ole buick

What a cool car that you settled on. I am happy that you decided not to buy a rod. These original cars are more fun and preserve history.

Happy Motoring

Donnie Wallace

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Great looking car - bet you had some fun this summer!

Just curious, are you from the Missouree or Missoura side of the state?


Having been transplanted here many years ago it's still Missouree to me, but I hear both. Any way from the N. E. part of the state.

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