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  1. What a beauty! I use a simple method( for me) Cable out--OD out, cable in OD in.
  2. Try GL1 (mineral oil) not supposed to attack yellow metals (brass). Used this in my Airstream this summer with no negative results. This was used in many older tractors, etc. Good luck
  3. Recently installed a set of the pre focus bulbs (Halogen) Haven't had good enough weather to try them. Going through a 6 volt relay so lets hope for the best.
  4. Try mykmlifestyle.com Installed one of their senders this winter
  5. I have one from www.mykmlifestyle.com . Just installed this winter so no run time but with a partial tank the gauge looks to be accurate. Dale
  6. While replacing the sending unit on my 36 Airstream I've noticed the same thing. Mine is getting cleaned rust treating any surface rust then getting a good coat of semi gloss black. Dale
  7. Available at O'reillys. My local store anyhow. Good hunting.
  8. Worth spending a day or so in the shops and just exploring. Don't know of any car shows. Been two years or so since I was last there but considering taking the Chrysler for a leg stretcher to Herman just because. Dale
  9. If they are reasonable enough I'd get them. Run them when on display as mentioned. Here in Missouri they are legal. Dale
  10. ol swede

    Am "I" Dim?

    I've been getting the headlights on the 36 Airstream C8 to put out a little more light. The reflectors are pretty descent but the R/S light had several splices in the wiring & the Hi/Lo may have been crossed?? The Hi beam indicator is not working yet-- I suppose my question is how to tell if both lights are on Hi or Lo. I'm still using the 2331 bulb, prefocus. I believe with some aiming these are going to be pretty descent for their age. Any help appreciated Thanks, Dale
  11. Normally LOL would do but in this case LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
  12. Congratulations on this sale. Would have been nice setting next to my C8 but I need to improve the shop/garage situation. Hope some pictures still pop up now and then. Dale
  13. Link to where I got my gaskets http://www.northwesternautosupply.com/getParts.html One call got them to me. I painted both Intake & exh. manifolds a VHT # that I can't find right now but can get. It was a close match to the cleaned up natural cast. The block got Duplicor DE1650 Cast Coat Aluminum. I believe both colors came pretty close to original as near as I can tell.
  14. Buicknewbee Keep looking, I was almost scammed trying to buy the car I thought I had to have. Luckily I got wise to the scam and didn't get taken. I kept looking and found something completely 180 degrees from where I had been going. Came from an Ebay listing and was honestly described. Just a very nice driver. But has been fun to own. Hang in there it will come. Dale
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