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  1. What a beauty! I use a simple method( for me) Cable out--OD out, cable in OD in.
  2. Try GL1 (mineral oil) not supposed to attack yellow metals (brass). Used this in my Airstream this summer with no negative results. This was used in many older tractors, etc. Good luck
  3. Recently installed a set of the pre focus bulbs (Halogen) Haven't had good enough weather to try them. Going through a 6 volt relay so lets hope for the best.
  4. Do you have the original filter #? Try the Wix filter web site. Sometimes you have to dig for a #. Do it every day, sometimes challenging. good luck Dale
  5. Thanks for sharing-- Some great looking cars there.
  6. Drive it & bring it back to life to suit you as time & $$ permit. I don't believe it's a overdrive car as the cable should be just to the left of the steering column. I did notice a few items I wish mine had:p
  7. Wow! Complete is worth a lot. I bought an Airstream C8 this spring, a nice driver not a show car. It has been fun and always draws attention wherever it goes. This looks like a great car to revive. That dash looks great from here, window garnish looks in good condition. These cars are relatively hard to find some parts for but that's part of their personality. I am not going to offer any pricing as I'm no expert but others here can help you if they so choose. Be glad to offer any help I can if you follow through on this. Good luck. Dale
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