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  1. Great stack of 3 D puzzle parts. Your skills will have it re-assembled in no time. Like many here, you're very talented. (Martin, you wood enjoy that too.) frank
  2. for what it's worth, my '29 Ply gasket was paper, approximately 1/16" thick. '
  3. I might be misunderstanding, but I would get your finish criteria from Bill/Uvira. This might save you a few $$ and provide the finish he prefers. Can't see new Al over new Ag.
  4. a few years back, but you get the "picture"
  5. I prefer keeping the split in the rim up. Lessens the chance of water getting in when washing.
  6. Here's what your '29 Plymouth contact looked like. The insulation was disintegrating on mine, too. Looked like rubber or plastic to me. frank
  7. Woo Hoo! What Fun - good for you!
  8. Moving out of garage, could you use the engine as the brake? Not running, in reverse to back down the hill and then chock the wheels? Completely unfamiliar with your master cylinder, but I was advised to use brake assembly lube on all rebuilds. I'm guessing you used this too. Your work is amazing. Good luck. frank
  9. Great work. I'm appreciate the expertise folks have here. Hope Florence is kind to you, yours and everyone else in her path.
  10. I used Red-Kote on my Kingston. Purchased locally.
  11. For what it's worth, I like the polished. Great work you're doing. frank
  12. Don't recognize your tank, but here's a picture of my Kingston.
  13. Congratulations! What a thrill that was. So special to have your granddaughter there.
  14. Ingenious method of attaching modern coil. Think back to your '29 Plymouth. I mounted my back up on the angle iron supporting the cowl, from passenger door frame to firewall. Good and secure and out of the way.
  15. A bit late to this party, but here is my latest experience. Drove 1200 miles round trip to Detroit Jul 24 - 30, 2 days out, 2 back in my 1929U Plymouth. My start-up pressure was about 30 and dropped to about 25 when hot with Shell Rotella 30. My Kingston vac tank is supplied from the OIL-VAC pump. Only issue I had was with the internal corks sliding up the shaft. This allowed gas to be sucked into the oil causing a decrease in oil pressure, naturally. Never noticed any decrease in pressure when I've run out of gas.
  16. I agree with m-mman and TerryB; fuel gauge should only be powered with key on, not all the time. This was the middle terminal on key mounted coils I've seen and labeled GAGE or FUEL GAGE. The BAT terminal is connected to Ammeter so it will show discharge when the key is ON. The IGN is connected to Negative on modern coil and the Positive post on coil goes to distributor, as you have Positive Ground. This is how I wired a back up coil in parallel on my '29 Plymouth. A simple toggle switch in the "hot" wire, BAT/Negative, keeps both from being activated simultaneously. I mounted the back-up on a cowl cross member to keep out of sight and without putting extra hole in the firewall. Obviously the high voltage wire needs to be in the coil I want to use. Use the key for key mounted coil or toggle for back-up, but not together. I used 14 gauge wire on lamp circuits on this 4 banger, 10 on the rest; generator, horn/clum, starter switch to ammeter. You can probably see the wire sizes Rhode Island used in their harness. Hope this helps, frank
  17. Curti reply x3. I had 2 complete sets sleeved with stainless there for my two '29 Plymouths and a friend his '29 Ply. They can also make the flexible hose. frank
  18. Glad you were able to remove without damaging anything. I had no doubt you would! frank
  19. New king pins and tie rod ends made my '29 Plymouth a pleasure to drive. for what it's worth. good luck, frank
  20. Thanks for all this information.. My FEDCO # is Y089WE which has the 19" wheel/rim. A friend in town has a '29 with the 20". As you know, Chrysler made changes during assembly. Maybe they put a 29U body on a 30U frame in August 1929?? Rich, I appreciate your time on my problem. frank
  21. Tom, the clasp is fine, but turning that rim into a circle again might be a challenge. i have another rim to use as a spare, but cosmetically it is a mess - better than nothing, though. Hoping to find one in better condition.
  22. I have several so i'll do that. Thanks for the suggestion, The tires are not supposed to go above 40 which is why i stopped at 38.