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What is it no.12

Leif Holmberg

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Those photos are from an young 80 year old man that have collected old parts from he was very very young,he also has a T-Ford 1912 and a Flanders 1911,Indian 1916 original condition.This guy told me in the middle of 1960s vere I could buy a 1925 Buick Std.Touring with only 15000 miles on,and I bought it in 1967 and still have the car left,he also found a body in the forest that had been used as a Elk hunting beat to my 1924 4cyl.Buick Touring.After I have solved the identification I can send them to the Automobil historic club where he and I are members,I also want to send the photos to the local photo historic club where I live.So I really hope I can get help with the identification on most of the pictures.I have a few more to be identified if possible.

Leif in Sweden

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Hi Folks, Very pleased to note some of you have been using our Help Pages to search for the identity of this car. Proves that our free service is of help and is being used. I have been investigating this photo and have been in touch with some of our experts. Although the immediate thought was Humber, couple of items do not seem to be quite right. Primary problem was the wide sides to the radiator surround. No Humbers had such feature. Similarly I have no photos of the relatively weird rear hubs which are not Humber-like? The front mudguards would have had square sides. Not sure if the blob in the middle of the rad is a badge. Humber oval badge cca 1910.

However our experts are convinced that it is a Humber and that it is a 16hp 100 x 130mm 4084cc date 1909. The single spoke steering wheel can be seen, and the long side levers (gear and brake) ball ended are Humber. Their thoughts are that 'typical' Humber hub caps appeared in 1910. My subsequent researches did come across a Beeston 30HP Humber of 1907 with such hubs and with the windscreen module positioned part way along the bonnet, but the radiator angle was too steep. So this one is later, probably this is cca 1908/9. Seems Humbers were widely exported, including to Scandinavia.

Well done to all who guessed Humber, especially those from the other side of the pond!!


Vinman (UK)</SPAN>



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