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1933 Ply tail light


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Any being produced?

N/C Industries lists both the right and left brackets available in primer: N/C Industries Antique Auto Parts - Products

Group 8-T in the 28-33 Master Parts lists shows tail light brackets being available in chrome, black enamel and paint.

Roberts shows the lenses: http://www.robertsmotorparts.com/car_parts.asp?Action=search&c=Cars+%2D+Tail+Lights+%26+Related+Parts

I don't see any at the moment that have the buckets.

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I believe these were on Ebay, may still be.

Also, Under the Buy/Sell a few have asked if you were the guy who may have purchased Al Jr's company or parts or tooling after he passed away? Thanks./QUOTE]

Didn't see this post till now.

Yes, but no tooling, just the inventory between 2 parties.

Al had outside venders doing the parts, no paper trail. It was all in his computer that nobody could cracked the code.

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They are listed here srpmstreetrods.com Pt No 11-0119 but I noticed the emblem's it at the top, were they different on other years?

I think that the "Plymouth" script is over the top on the '32 tail light lens and on the bottom for '33. But I might well have it backwards.

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