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Specalist John

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Hello I stumbled upon this site, I am purchasing an 1956 Buick Special, 4dr non post all original, needs seat recovered, headliner and door panels are perfect, body has surface rust, original dual exhaust,very good motor and trans.no leaks,it wont stay running unless you two feet it, chrome is in good shape,no dents or bondo, Its missing THE WASHER BOTTLE,I had a Buick Special 20 years ago and sold it and regret it,know I found another one. I need this to relax my mind with some things that happened in Iraq and one of my buddies that pressure got the best of him,,RIP my friend also I BOUGHT IT UNDER $3000.00 DOLLARS,,AND THE WIFE DOESNT KNOW,,CANT WAIT TO GET IT HOME AND IN THE GARAGE,,SHE DOESNT COME IN THERE ITS GONNA BE A SUPRISE, I MIGHT NEED SOME TIPS GUYS,, THANK-YOU 11BRAVO Infantryman HOOAH OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM 2007-2008 ,2011-2012

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Welcome to the forum and sorry for your loss. There are a lot of veterans here,including me and everybody commends you for your service. The Tidewater region is a very active region in your area and you should consider joining for mutual benefit.You don't have to say "Sir" we're all friends.

Dave Mellor US Navy 1968-72

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Specialist John,

Welcome. While on the AACA Forum. Scroll down to other than this General Discussion Forum and you'll find Buick Forums that will

have a special section for your vintage Buick. Lots of information and help. Also the AACA Automobile magazine, that comes with

AACA membership, is a super source information and help. This hobby can help take you mind off past life experiences. You'll find

a really large number of veterans doing exactly what you are doing with your Buick.

Also a Buick guy, USAF 1963-1967

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