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1942 Dodge - Factory Photos & Proven/Known Correct Factory Info

1936 D2

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This upcoming series of threads is for the express purpose of collecting Factory Photos and Printed Copies of known correct or provable Factory Information concerning the early models of Dodge Automobiles and Trucks. This thread is in an effort to provide searchable, clear, and easily found information on this year of Dodge products.

This particular thread concerns the 1942 Dodge.

Please keep to the topic and only post KNOWN CORRECT INFORMATION. If you feel a correction is necessary to prior information, that would be considered a post pertinent to the thread and should be posted. Off topic questions or subjects can be asked to be removed.

Please post your contributions below!

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  • 2 months later...

Looking for actual Factory Photos - or personal photos of vehicles known to be original and UNCHANGED from the factory design specs. There are always questions on the Forum here for information about what is "correct" for any particular version of a Dodge. Either Factory Photos or current photos of known, possibly documentable "unchanged from original" vehicles, would be helpful in those discussions. I have placed threads on this Forum asking for the posting of any photos like that for the viewing use of the Forum Members to easily and quickly answer questions concerning authenticity of any particular part or design feature of, in this case, 1942 Dodge.

There are separate threads for each year of Dodge from 1914 to WWII somewhere on the "Dodge and Dodge Brothers" Forum. (They are getting fairly spread out as time goes by though). Just do a search for the vehicle year you are interested in and these threads should pop up.

Thanks for any help you could lend.

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The 1942 Dodge was introduced to the public in September of 1941. Concealed running boards were the big styling change for 1942.

But with the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941, everything would change. Factories were switched from Automobile production to wartime production. Many parts were already made so factorys were allowed to assemble the cars until the end of January, while the factories were being retooled. Dodge sales were ceased on February 21, 1942. Only about 1/4 of a normal model years production was actually produced. As an example, only 13,343 four door Deluxe Sedans were manufactured in 1942, compared to the 49,579 produced the year prior. The 1942 Dodge serial numbers ranged from 30,577,001 to 30,644,377 in 1942. A total of 67,377 1942 Dodge Cars were produced in the United States compared to the 236,999 produced in 1941.

The De Luxe was the base model and the Custom was the upper end. The difference was mostly in the exterior trim however the Custom models came standard with Electric Wipers, and Airfoam Seat Cushions as well as a few interior apointments. Custom Convertibles also had Electric Clocks Standard

The Dodge Deluxe Base price was $998.00.

Cars that were made after January 1 were restricted on Chrome usage as the Copper and Nickel that was used for chrome work, was needed for the war. These cars had to have painted trim, even if the trim piece was already chromed. (so there was no unfair sales advantage) These models were refered to as Blackout Models. Dodge simply started to install De Luxe fenders on Custom cars which eliminated the need to paint some of those trim pieces. Serial numbers from 30,636,724 and up were factory blackouts. Roughly only 7,653 cars were factory blackouts, or roughly 11.3% of the total production.

Dodge put out a promotional film called "Keeping Faith" featuring the New 1942 Dodge. Jimmie Lynch put the car to the test.

I had the film transfered to video and eventually digital. I have posted it on Youtube for others to enjoy. If you want to see my copy of a 1942 Dodge promotional film go to

Of interest, Dodge slogan was “The New Dodge” even back in 1942.

post-40694-143139218753_thumb.jpgpost-40694-143139218613_thumb.jpgpost-40694-143139218638_thumb.jpgpost-40694-143139218648_thumb.jpgpost-40694-143139218659_thumb.jpgpost-40694-14313921867_thumb.jpgpost-40694-143139218681_thumb.jpgpost-40694-143139218692_thumb.jpgpost-40694-143139218702_thumb.jpgpost-40694-143139218712_thumb.jpgpost-40694-143139218723_thumb.jpgpost-40694-143139218733_thumb.jpgpost-40694-143139218743_thumb.jpgpost-40694-143139218753_thumb.jpgpost-40694-143139221315_thumb.jpgpost-40694-143139218627_thumb.jpg Edited by Ron42Dodge (see edit history)
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I have a few more sheets from the Salesman Data Book listing the Standard equipment and options as well as the interior and trunk dimensions.


The Dash Clocks were manufactured by Borg. Many cars were put into military service when the war broke out. Cars with clocks had the clocks removed so they would not drain the battery. This clock was Army surplus.


There is an interesting story on the radio. Radios were an option and the Philco 601 and 801 radios were the correct models for this year. Philco produced many 801 radios for the 42 models however when the war broke out and car production was halted, Philco was stuck with a bunch of radios and nothing to put them in. Metal was rationed so they came up with the 801-A Chairside table. It was a wood table with an 801 push button radio mounted in the top that would go in your living room. The Radio was converted from 6V to 115V. The buttons had chrome sides and plastic push faces. The plastic buttons did not survive the years well in the cars but many good buttons and knobs can be found on the indoor radios.


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I have tried several times to get one of these tables but they have been too far away to justify shipping. I do have 3 radios that came out of tables that did not survive. They have the transformer still attached.

I found some factory press photos of 1942 Dodges.

1942 Dodge Blackout
Custom Brougham 2 Door
Business Coupe
Custom Convertible Coupe
Custom 4 Door Sedan
Deluxe Club Coupe
Custom Town Sedan
1942 Dodge Deluxe 4 Door Sedan with Coachwork by Bishop/McCormick for rural school busses. Note the dual rear tire modification. First Mini Van?

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A 1942 Dodge Deluxe 4 Door Sedan came up for sale on Ebay. With only 38,716 miles on this car, it was in such original condition it was amazing. The seller agreed to let me post some of the pictures of this original condition car. Except for some wear on the 801 radio push buttons, the interior is near perfect.


Tampico Beige exterior color with Mohair Interior. Deluxe doors had a T Square like pattern made into them. Nice to see the original plastic buttons in the rear seat assist straps.



Note the Factory turn signal indicator above the speedometer with the high beam indicator in the middle.

Dash. All dashes were wood grain look except for the convertible which was usually painted to match the car. Turn signal indicator painted to match dash. Horn ring retainer painted brown between the chrome ribs. Clocks were an option. Clock lenses were plastic and all turned yellow over time. Speedometer lenses were glass and therefore did not yellow like the clocks. 801 Radios had plastic push buttons with Chrome sides. The plastic button faces tended to crumble over time. Obviously not an original Cigar Lighter. Appears to have standard vacuum wiper from appearance of knob.


Trunk & Spare Tire. Nice to see the trunk floor mat survived. Spare looks to be original. 4 tires are radial and not original however they are blackwalls which is correct. I don't know if the white trim ring is original or not but it looks to be.


Front Grille, Gull wing hood and 230 Cu In Engine. Factory dual front heaters, in Texas? After market fuel filter is not a surprise.

A great example of a mostly original 1942 Dodge Deluxe.

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Beyond the factory photos, original blackout information is next to impossible to find. Sometimes you will find a blackout part but rarely do you find original personal pictures. I recently stumbled onto 3 photos of a Blackout 1942 Dodge Convertible. They have revealed a lot of information.

Bumpers including bumper guards and license plate frame were still Chrome. All other trim appears to be painted whether Stainless Steel or Chrome. This car is sporting a 1947 California License Plate so it is 5 years old and being well cared for. Blackout paint for this car appears to be grey like the hood ornament below.

Custom trim on the fenders were omitted rather than painted. This was done by using Deluxe fenders because they would not have the holes for the trim. The rims almost appear to be painted white rather than getting the white trim rings a convertible would have gotten. The hubcaps appear to be chrome.

The dash is painted to match the body color as a convertible would be and all the normally chrome pieces on the dash appears to be painted blackout grey. (see 4 door sedan above for chrome pieces) Even the steering wheel chrome pieces were painted. I managed to get some more detailed scans and discovered the owner had his name put on the top of the door. "DON"

A Blackout 1942 Dodge Hood Ornament as well as a Chrome one. Grey was the blackout color for this hood ornament too.

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Since no one as added to this post for a while, I thought I would add an Anouncement Kit that was sent to the dealerships. I stumbled onto this packet of information that would have been sent out to the dealers in order to gear up for the introduction of the new models, in this case, the 1942 Dodge models. I don't know if this is a complete packet but there is a ton of papers for ordering advertising products. It is hard to display something like this so I may as well share it online.

The main packet was a 3 wide folder that had a center section that held the host of order forms. There was a back cover that folded in over the center with printing on the inside and back. There was also a front cover that folded over the center with printing on the front and inside.

Next there was a 4 page Retail Salesman's Service filled with information and answers for the New 1942 Dodge.

Then there were a bunch of order forms for various advertising.

3' x 20 Outside Rayon Banners.

Customer Invitations to see the new Dodge.

Order forms for invitations.

An order form for 5 different Rayon Wall Banners.

An order form for License Plate Toppers, key cases and Balloons.

An order form for Pennants and Price Tag Holders.

An order form for Key Cases, Parked car tags and overseas hats.

An order form for Balloons and Match Books.

An order form for a stick out flag and my favorite, the electric waving flag. (has anyone seen one?)

A General order form with all the above.

An order form for Rayon Truck wall Banners.

More in next post

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This is a continuation of the above post with the dealership announcement kit and advertising order package.

A salesman's name tag with the early steering wheel style. This wasn't in the kit when I got it but certainly belongs with it.

An order form for a nice size Neon Sign for your window saying "DEPENDABILITY"

An order form for the new style GASOMETER that mounts to the demonstrator car dash. No need for the steel housing around the glass gasoline container. My cigar won't break it.

A promo for the Sound Slide Film Service Program

And a Sound Slide Film Order form

A Ross Roy Literature order Form

Other literature order form.

And 8 pages of how to make a subject (Customer) a prospect (Buyer)

I didn't have room for the radio promos.

These aren't factory photos but I sure find them interesting. I'm amazed something like this didn't get chucked long ago.

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  • 7 months later...


This order form probably came with the announcement packet but wasn't in mine. It is an order form for the movie "Keeping Faith" which is the movie I have already linked in an earlier post here.


Then I came across this November 1945 Ad for the 1942 Dodge. The war was winding down but no new cars were available yet. I guess if you do the roll of death in your car and you can't get a replacement car, due to rationing, you remove the body from the car and show how it works. They have a gasometer mounted to the top of the dash. He must have previously broke the original steering wheel because that looks like a 41 wheel. It is a 42 dash though.

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  • 1 year later...

I finally got my A-801 Radio.  I found one that was slightly taken apart, reassembled it and gave it a try.  At first not much.  But after checking the tubes and replacing some bad ones, I was able to pick up a few stations.  I will work on replacing a tube that I did not have a spare for and hope for clearer results.  So here is a picture of my new (old) A-801 Chairside Table Radio and my 801 Radio in my 42 Dodge.


801 (1).jpg

A-801 04.jpg

A-801 03.jpg

A-801 02.jpg

A-801 01.jpg

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I wonder if any one out there upgrades these radios to be 12V neg ground and have FM installed. Maybe stereo?

Some one with the right talent should be able to gut one of these and put modern parts.

Love that table radio by the way.

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I picked up a not so little treasure the other day. This is a Chrysler / Plymouth Dealership poster from WWII encouraging people to maintain their cars for Victory.


Gas and tires along with many other things were rationed during the war and so if you were lucky enough to have a car, you wanted it to be working properly and to last through the war.


And if your car did not last, they could sell you a good used one because there were no new cars being made during the 4 year long war.


Service work was all that kept dealerships alive during the war.


This poster was intended to be displayed in a dealership, stapled in their standard 50" x 38" frame, and thrown away when the next poster arrived. This one was never displayed which could indicate the dealership already turned off their lights in the showroom.(I heard of one showroom that was converted to a bowling alley during the war)


This poster has been folded away (as it was originally shipped) for roughly 75 years,


Keep 'em rolling For Victory. 

Victory Poster.JPG

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A little more research on the poster found this was a 3 way Victory Program Offered by Chrysler, Dodge, DeSoto and Plymouth Dealers through the duration of WWII. I found bits and pieces of ads from various years, the earliest found was February 19, 1942 and the last one I found was December 15, 1945.  The early ads say Victory through Reconditioning where later it seemed to switch to Victory through Conditioning.


Victory Maintenance Check-up Ads


The Bee from Danville, Virginia,  Thursday, February 19, 1942, Page 13

ASK US ABOUT OUR Victory Maintenance check-up KING MOTOR CO.

The Bee from Danville, Virginia,  Saturday, February 21, 1942, Page 9

ASK US ABOUT OUR Victory Maintenance check-up KING MOTOR CO.

The Bee, Danville, VA,  Wednesday,  February 25, 1942, page 9 KING MOTOR CO

ASK US ABOUT OUR ! Victory Maintenance ' check-up KING MOTOR CO

The Western Star, Coldwater, Kansas,   April 17, 1942, Page 4, Joe J. Darroch Motor Co.  Dodge - Plymouth

Joe J Darroch Motor Dodge & Plymouth Ad April 17, 1942 The western Star Coldwater Kansas zoom.JPG


The Post-Register from Idaho Falls, Idaho, Sunday, May 17, 1942,  Page 28

Your car can help speed the Victory effort by saving gas, oil and mefds- if you keep it

The Daily Courier, Connellsville, PA, Thursday May 21, 1942, page 9

Victory Maintenance Check-up, Victory Quality Reconditioning

The Sedalia Democrat, Sedalia, Missouri, Tuesday, June 2, 1942, Page 6 BRYANT MOTOR CO


Beckley Post-Herald from Beckley, West Virginia, June 12, 1942,  Page 15


The Raleigh Register, Beckley West Virginia, Sunday June 14, 1942, Page 14, Dodge & Plymouth, 111 Prince St, Beckley  


The Daily Times from New Philadelphia, Ohio, Tuesday, June 16, 1942,  Page 7

ROLLING with Victory Maintenance Checkup and a Victory Quality Conditioning.

The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois, Tuesday, July 21, 1942, Page 9

We'll Keep 'Em Rollin' With Victory maintenance check-up Victory quality conditioning Victory quality used cars HALE ST., 728, NORMAL , IL

The Green Bay Press Gazette, Green Bay, WI, Saturday, August 29, 1942, Page 18, Brown County Motors

Be Patriotic

Dixon Evening Telegraph, Dixon, Il , Friday September 18, 1942, Page 2,  Newman Bros. Chrysler - Plymouth


Newman Bros Ad Dixon Evening Telegraph, page 2 September 18, 1942.JPG

The Daily Times from New Philadelphia, Ohio Tuesday,  September 22, 1942, Page 7

WE KEEP "EM ROLLING with Victory Maintenance Checkup and Victory Quality Conditioning. Your Car can help win the war. See our Victory Quality Used Cars RINUHEIMER MOTOR CO. 161 South Broadway Dial 24661

The Daily Times from New Philadelphia, Ohio,  Thursday, January 28, 1943 Page 9

KEEP 'EM ROLLING with Victory Maintenance Checkup ,m

The Daily Times from New Philadelphia, Ohio November 20, 1942 , Page 13

with Victory Maintenance Checkup f and Victory Quality Conditioning

The Daily Times from New Philadelphia, Ohio, January 28, 1943, Page 9

WE KEEP 'EM ROLLING ' with Victory Maintenance Checkup and Victory Quality Conditioning. Your Car can help

The Daily Times from New Philadelphia, Ohio Friday, February 26, 1943, Page 13

with Victory Maintenance Checkup and Victory Quality Conditioning.  Your Car

The Daily Times from New Philadelphia, Ohio Tuesday,  March 2, 1943 Page 11

ROLLING with Victory Maintenance Checkup and Victory Quality Conditioning

The Daily Times from New Philadelphia, Ohio, Friday, March 26, 1943 · Page 13

ROLLING with Victory Maintenance Check-up and Victory Quality Conditioning

Amarillo Daily News, Monday April 19, 1943 Page 12, Hedgecoke

Victory Maintenance Check-Up * Victory Quality Conditioning * Victory Quality

The Amarillo Globe-Times, Amarillo, TX,  Monday April 19th, 1943, Page 15  Hedgecoke Motors

Victory Maintenance Check-Up * Victory Quality Conditioning * Victory Quality

The Amarillo Globe-Times, Amarillo, TX,  Tuesday April 20th, 1943, Page 11  Hedgecoke Motors

Ask about our Victory Maintenance Check-Up, Victory Quality Conditioning, Victory Quality Used Cars

The Daily Times, New Philadelphia, Ohio, Saturday February 26, 1944 , Page 7

WE KEEP "EM ROLLING with Victory Maintenance Checkup and Victory Quality Conditioning. Your Car can help win the war. See our Victory Quality Used Cars

The Daily Times from New Philadelphia, Ohio,  Saturday, June 3, 1944, Page 7

WE KEEP 'EM ROLLING with Victory Maintenance Checkup and Victory' Quality Conditioning Your car can help win the war See our Victory Quality Used

The Daily Times, New Philadelphia, Ohio, Saturday July 29, 1944, Page 7

WE KEEP 'EM ROLLING with Victory Maintenance Checkup and Victory Quality Conditioning Your car can help win the war See our Victory Quality

Victory Maintenance Check-up

Victory Quality Conditioning

Victory Quality Used Cars

The Daily Times from New Philadelphia, Ohio,  Saturday, September 2, 1944, Page 7

WE KEEP 'EM ROLLING with Victory Maintenance Checkup and Victory

The Daily Times from New Philadelphia, Ohio Saturday, September 30, 1944, Page 7

WE KEEP 'EM ROLLING with Victory Maintenance Checkup and Victory Quality Conditioning Your car can help win the war See our Victory Quality ...

The Daily Times, New Philadelphia, Ohio, Saturday May 19, 1945 , Page 7

We keep 'em rolling with Victory Maintenance Check-up

The Daily Times from New Philadelphia, Ohio,  Saturday, June 9, 1945 Page 7

WE KEEP 'EM ROLLING with Victory Maintenance Checkup and Victory Quality Conditioning Your

The Daily Times, New Philadelphia, Ohio, Tuesday September 22, 1945 , Page 7

WE KEEP "EM ROLLING with Victory Maintenance Checkup and Victory Quality Conditioning

The Daily Times, New Philadelphia, Ohio, Saturday October 27, 1945 , Page 8

Victory Maintenance Check-up, Victory Quality Conditioning

The Daily Times from New Philadelphia, Ohio, Saturday, December 15, 1945, Page 8

WE KEEP 'EM ROLLING With Victory Maintenance Checkup and Victory Quality Conditioning Your car can help win the war Bee



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  • 1 month later...
Hello Ron,
My name is Gabriel and I'm talking from Brazil.  I bought a Dodge De Luxe 1942 4 doors a month ago and I have a lot of doubts about the restoration. I will be glad if you can help me with this. 
1) My car was imported to uruguay. There, the steering wheel was on the right side until 1945. Do you know if the factory made this configuration or the car was adapatd at dealers? 
2) Probably near  the 80's the car came to Brazil. The document in Brazil was registred as 1941. Does the Dodge launch something like this: Year 1941  and model 1942?
3) The car color is  black. Do you know if this color really exists?
4) I do not found the odometer. Do you know some that I could buy?
5) All original dashboards was equiped with a wood grain?
I will post some pictures of the car later.
I will start the restorantion and will try to keep the car like original. If you have some pictures of a original Dodge, please send me.
Sorry for my poor english.
Thank you 
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Congratulations on your unique purchase.  Your English is great!


Dodge did produce both right hand and left hand steering cars.  Right hand was primarily made for overseas markets.  The parts manuals do list part numbers for both left and right steering.  


The 1941 registration is not uncommon.  Some State and countries register cars to the first year of registration rather than the model year.  The new 1942 Models were available to the public in October of 1941.  Most 1942 Dodge's were sold between October 1941 and December 1941 as production was halted by late January 1942.  My Convertible was that way.  I was able to get that changed by bringing books that showed what a 1941 looked like and a 1942 looked like.  They also looked at the engine number and vehicle numbers.


Black was an available color.  Even though it is not shown in the color charts, it was available.  I guess everyone knew what black looked like so they didn't provide a sample.


Do you need a whole speedometer or just the odometer that counts the miles?  Is your speedometer Miles per hour or something else?  Can you post a picture?  I'll watch for a speedometer.  I had a spare but it went to Arizona.


Can you post a picture of your front.  I'm trying to determine if your car is a variation of the American 42 Dodge or the Canadian 42 Dodge.  The Canadian version has fewer horizontal bars in the Grille.  There is a Canadian version of a 42 Dodge for sale in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.  The Canadian Dodge is a marriage  of a 42 Plymouth Body with 42 dodge like accents. (see picture below)


Based on the interior window garnish pieces, your model is the Custom.  If I were to guess this was made in late December.  The exterior custom skirt trim is not there and that seems to be what Dodge did shortly after Pearl Harbor.  I can't tell from your pictures if you have the stainless steel trim that went around every window. (Doors and back window)  I see you are missing the rocker trim that runs between the wheels below the bottom of the doors.  I believe I have all of those pieces and spare mounting clips for the rocker trim.


The interior upholstory (seats, doors, headliner and carpet) appears to have been completely replaced with non original pieces.  But it looks nice.  I might be tempted to enjoy it for a while as replacing it could get expensive and  getting correct patterns could be difficult.


The dash should be wood grain look.  Only the convertibles were painted because the convertible dash is welded in.  


There has been a 1942 Dodge Custom 4 door right hand drive listed for sale in the UK for the last couple of years.  It is in very tough shape.  I have tried to contact the seller with no luck.  I will post a couple of pictures.


I assume you saw the pictures I posted above of the very original 4 door DeLuxe.  The door panels are different from what yours should be.  I am attaching 2 images from the Parts Book which show an interior view of a Custom model.


I can't wait to see more pictures of your car.  



1942 Canadian Dodge Brazil.JPG







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Hello Ron,

Thank you for answer me and thank you for all informations. It will be very usefull for me.


I'm glad to know that 1941 registration is not uncommon and the black color really exists. I watched  a lot of color charts at Ebay and didnt see the black color. Your explanation make a lot of sense. Why a black sample if everyone knows how it looks like?


I will need the whole speedometer, as you can see on the pictures. My speedometer was replaced with a non original speedometer. If you know some, can you please tell me? The clock is missing too, but I bought one a few weeks ago at www.smithsclassiccarclocks.com


I think my car is a American Dodge. The canadian version that you are talking about is this one? 


I do not have the stainless stell around every window and the rocker trim to. I'm trying to find these parts. Do you really have it? Please send me a e-mail to gabriel_carvalho25@hotmail.com. 


You are right about the interior. It  was replaced with non original pieces. It's ok for me and I'm not going to change it now. It will be very dificult and expensive to do it here in Brazil. 


My dash was painted with the same color of the seats so I do not have the wood grain look. Do you know how I can provide it? Here in Brazil we have some tapes that imitated wood, but I'm not sure if this is going to be the best option. Here is one example. http://produto.mercadolivre.com.br/MLB-680173337-adesivo-madeira-de-demolico-1m-x-90cm-dcfix-_JM


I saw your pictures a hundred times. My door panels are not like that but I'm not  thinking to change it now. 


My car is at the mechanic now. The brakes are not working and after they solve this, they are going see if fluid drive is ok. The engine is ok. 
After this mechanic revision, I'm thinking in restore the chrome and the dash. In paralel I m buying the trims that are missing. I bought the park light bezel and the park lens this monday.  


I'm thinking to post pictures with all the evolution of this restoration here, what do you think?
The pictures below are before I bought it. The car was at Camaqua, Rio Grande do Sul. Now it is at Lençóis Paulista, São Paulo.  


Thank you again for all informations and help.















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There is nothing to adjust on the fluid drive so the only thing your mechanic can do is to see if it has fluid in it and top it off.


The access hole for servicing the fluid drive is on the side of the transmission hump down by your feet in the front seat.  Mine is on the passenger side but I actually think there is one on each side.  Removing the cover lets you see the fluid drive unit.  You will likely have to rotate the fluid drive to access the service plug.  You can push on the cooling fins with a flat screw driver but try not to bend them.  There are 2 service plugs on opposite sides  just so you down have to turn it a lot.  There are not a lot of threads on this plug and you do not want to drop it because you would have to remove the clutch housing underneath which is a lot of work.  They recommend using a magnetic socket.  Once you remove the plug you can see if there is fluid in the housing.  The service hole is intentionally located slightly to the side so you don't fill the unit 100%.  A little air is good to give the fluid room to move.  There are different opinions of what to use for fluid.  I was told Dextron III transmission fluid and I haven't had any problems for the last 17 years.


 If you fill it, then watch for leaks below.  The seal for this unit is located in the center where the input shaft goes in.  There are 2 seals in this area that can go bad.  The main one that breaks is the floating seal ring which is made of graphite like pencil lead. It is fragile.  The other seal rides against it and called the drive seal and it resembles a wrapped spring.  It takes special tools to service it and I ended up sending mine off to Northwest transmissions in Ohio.  These seals are getting harder to find and not cheap.


Hopefully yours is fine and you don't have to do anything.  But I would not pull it out to look at, unless you are leaking a lot.  A tiny drip was not uncommon.


I will look to see what I have for spare parts.



1942 dodge 03.JPG

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For your information the 1942 Dodge and the 1942 DeSoto used the same sill moulding part number 976291 (right) and 976292 (Left)  these were ribbed.  1942 Chryler used a smooth one but it was the same size. Later parts books say they used the Chruysler ones on all three cars but I think it was more out of inventory convenience later on.  


I did some digging and I do have a pair of used sill mouldings.  One is in really good condition with one small screw repair on the bottom.  The other needs work.  I think it fell off the car at one time and was screwed back on to the car.  THe 2 mounting studs at one end are broken off .  I will take some pictures so you can see.  I also have a conplete set of 14 mounting clips for the mouldings.


I also found the stainless trim for around the 3 side windows (both sides) and the rear window.  These were used on a custom.  It almost looks like your rear window still has that.  All cars had the trim on the front window.


I probably have some used front parking light bezels too.


Although your grille has some issues, finding a new one is difficult.  I would try and straighten it until you stuble onto another.  I've used extra fine steel wool on my original grill and it removed some of the light rust.  Just rub gently on it.


Yoiur engine compartment looks pretty original staill.  The horns are different and some newer wiring but the main components look pretty correct.


I'm attaching a picture of my fluid drive unit when I had mine out for repairs.  I was going to try and replace the seals myself but I could not get the last piece out to get to the seals.  My graphite ring crumbled and a lot of fluid leaked out.  Even when it leaks you only loose about half the fluid because the seal is in the middle.  The rest of the fluid is below the seal level.




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I have driven RHD cars before, but never with a center shifter.

This exact thought has crossed my mind on occasion.

I see some column shifters to the left of the steering wheel that I have the same thoughts about.

When I was a kid my moms car was a Hillman with four forward speeds on the column. but was Americanized so to speak.

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Glad to hear you have all these parts. I found the part numbers of the the sill on a book. 
Waiting anxiously for the pictures.


The horn was replaced,  I found two vintage truck dual horns in Brazil, I'm attaching a picture of these. Do you think one of these are going to be a good option?


Thanks again






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Slowly I'm trying to buy all the exterior parts that are missing. My desire is to make this car as original as possible. How many Dodge 42 in good condition should exist around the world? 


By the way, are you interested on sell your spare parts? I'm still trying to found the rocker trim with the clips and nuts and the stainless steel trim that goes around every window. I have an adress at Tualatin, OR. Its a company called Shipito. They consolidate packages and then send it to me. I can pay using PayPal. 
It's just an idea. Please, feel free to say no if you are not interested on leave your spare parts travel to Brazil. I will completely understand. 


The speedometer will be very dificult too. Please let me know if you found someone.


Thanks again.





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I learned something new last night regarding the interior wood look of the Custom and Deluxe 1942 Dodge Models.  I've had a couple of questions about the correct look of the wood grain and I was under the impression both the Deluxe and Custom had the same wood grain look.  But it was pointed out to me that there were different part numbers for the Custom vs Deluxe garnishes and dashes for the same body style.  I assumed it was due to accessories that came with the Custom that were not part of the Deluxe.  So in chasing an answer I remembered that I had some window garnish frames that I had pulled off a 1942 Dodge Custom 4 door parts car.  Although most of the fake wood was eaten off of the frame, the wood grain was still remaining where the medallian was mounted on the window frames.  So I cleaned them off with WD40 and it brought back the original look.  I took a picture of the Custom frame next to my Deluxe frame in my 4 door and you can really see the difference in color and grain.  I was quite surprised.

Deluxe vs Custon wood.JPG

Custom Frames.JPG

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