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What do you suppose this is about?

Barry Wolk

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Guest T-Head

The photo is from The Old Motor and we have been told (by a curved dash expert) that it was part of an Oldsmobile promo. The cars are curved dash Olds and this demonstrated how maneuverable they were.

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I have seen pictures of the same teeter totter device before. It was at an auto show, from memory it was the New York auto show in 1901. It was a way to dramatize and add interest to demonstrations of that controversial new contraption, the auto-mobile.

They wanted to demonstrate that it would go, stop, and even back up under perfect control.

This picture may have been taken behind the factory when they were testing it out. Looks like it is not even painted yet.

The evenly spaced row of trees is probably a road in the distance.

As for the flag pole, you've got me there.

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What's that fence with the regular placed trees behind it?

Probably a "wind break" used in midwestern, western & southwestern regions, planted along property lines to eliminate gusts of wind from eroding soil, ie: the Dust Bowl, or along roadways to prevent high winds from disturbing traffic in open areas or in valleys where winds concentrate and could blow a vehicle off the roadway.

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