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  1. Just saw this, been busy. I'd love to see a photo.
  2. This is reported to be the missing H & E car, but the poster is not willing to offer any information. The car may be in the Chicago area.
  3. I've just featured your build on my Continental Division FB page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/538252899910181/
  4. I miss the shows, but I don't mind talking about old car safety. No heartache at all. Most of our problems are physical. I now have to hire people to do what I used to do myself. That's the biggest change. Seat belts clearly save our lives. That's a message worth spreading. Some may be tired of hearing about it. They're the ones that need to scroll by the message.
  5. The moderators can lock it up if they please, but you assume that we can move forward. Our lives have been irreversibly changed. We haven't traveled in over two years when we had been attending 4-6 Concours a year. We've only done one local show. My wife won't ride in the collector cars anymore. She hasn't driven one since the crash. She hasn't judged since the crash. It's not easy to move on.
  6. Cool find. I knew that there were Roadsters bodied in Australia. Have yet to find a photo of a US version. I'm sure they were made as they would have been the price leader in hard times.
  7. I believe I have the only running and roadworthy example of an American-bodied Continental Flyer 4-door Sedan in the western hemisphere. They are very rare in the US because they are all steel, except the actual floorboards. They brought a premium during the scrap drives of WWII over cars with wood-framed bodies. Ours is a 3-owner example with 50,000 miles. The original owner was 6'9". I have plenty of room at 6'6". The only modifications are a 6-volt fuel pump on a momentary contact switch and a relay and wiring for fighter 50/50-watt headlamps. The original owner moved the seat back and u
  8. Thanks to the moderators for the thread clean-up.
  9. Thanks for all the kind words, everyone. It has been a trial, on many levels. Even though my wife was badly injured, she really stepped up in my care after the crash. It was a wonderful feeling that so many people stepped up to help us out. That part of M-14 is a problem for my wife. There were a couple of trips to Ann Arbor that she had to drive as I needed a couple of steroid injections. She was visibly shaken and exhibited the "white-knuckle" reaction one would expect. Yes, the lap belts save our lives. I had shoulder belts installed on the Mark II, but she still doesn't fee
  10. Here we are, nearly two years out and we've not made a full recovery. Never will. My poor wife has PSTD and now hates travel by car. Travel by air is difficult for me because of my much slower pace. My wife made it pretty clear in her victim impact statement that she's lost interest in the hobby. She doesn't even want to ride in the old cars, let alone drive hers. She received counceling and we've both received physical therapy, but didn't gain much. Working on cars is much tougher as bumps on the head or getting cut is a real concern now that I'm on blood thinners. The crash pretty-much took
  11. Pretty much ruined the hobby for us. Our physical limitations makes travel and getting around the show field kinda tough and have lost interest in showing the cars. Thinking about selling them all and getting only one car. I have no complaints with our insurer. We were actually paid more than it was insured for. The poor fellow in the OP's post was foolish to not have it properly insured. While we sued the driver and trucking company and soft-landed on a big pile of money, nothing makes up for what we went through or what we have to live with. The driver of the semi has been convicted and i
  12. Jack Dolan is around, but I couldn't get much useful information out of him. Nice guy, but side-bar city. He's the guy that sold my friend the Ruxton I restored.
  13. Budd, for sure. It even has stamped brake drums.
  14. You beat me to it. Yes, modify a car however you'd like, but be prepared to be mocked for your poor choices.
  15. You can lead a horse to water...............
  16. Had you read what what posted direct above yours you would have seen that only the sedan bodies were Wolseley. Baker Railing built the open cars.
  17. I've had this very discussion with the Ruxton guru based on the erroneous article below. Here's his response from 2 years ago. It's the stampings that were modified, not the dies. The 21/60 was the car the Ruxton was based on, not a Dodge.
  18. Starting to sound like an X-frame discussion.
  19. I'm done, this is getting silly.
  20. Not the same. Just look at the front door window. Totally different shape. Totally different height. Body stampings on the doors don't exist on the Ruxton. I think you're seeing something that's just not there, James. The Ruxton body is channeled 3" over the frame and the Dodge body sits on top. Close, but no cigar.
  21. Can you post pictures of both bodies? I have detailed body shots of the Ruxton body. I'm not convinced they are the same. I've found that what is written is not always true. It's written that there were 500 Ruxtons, and that's been proven wrong.
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