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Need help identifying this headlight- '36 Chevy


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Found this poor sole at a swap meet. On the back point it says "Rite Way" (not tilt ray!). Looks kinda like a '36 Chevy, but I need help. 9-inch lense with big curvature says: "Concoran-Brown Lamp Cincinnati O."

Any thoughts? Thanks.



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Guest 36chev

Unfortunately I'm unable to help ID as to what it is, but can tell you definitely, for 100% sure, it is not a 36 Chevrolet.

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a google search on "Corcoran-Brown Lamp Cincinnati Oh." brings up



File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View

CB-314-U. (3)(4) Convex. 8 3/16 X 7 25/32. AM. Atlas. GC5171. (9). 1936. P1, P2. All. 674173. (2)(5)(7) Corcoran-Brown Lamp Co.Cincinnati, OH. Orig. Rite Way ...

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