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1915 SD 4 cyl distributor caps

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There is I have a fellow that is considering making distributor caps for a 1915 SD4. The cap is the pin type cap and can be used on the 14's if the matching rotor is used. He is looking for some input on who might be interested so he can decide how many to make. I as told 15 and 16 REO caps may be the same. He would hate to make too many, but the cost factor over 5 is a lot different versus 15 or 20.

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Guest stude8

I have one NOS four cylinder cap identified for 1917 Studebaker 4 cyl cars but my catalogs do not go further back than than that date so I can't confirm if it fits 1914.

Attached is a photo of it, Remy #4077, Gilfillan number RR-30.

I'd take $25 for it plus postage from 62946 zip code.

Also have a NOS Delco 15895, Gilfillan number DD-70 listed for 1923 Elcar.

Both of these caps are the "Pin" type plug wire contacts.




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