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Electra, What should I do with it ?


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Guest shorttimer

I would keep that in one piece if it were up to me.

Looks like an Electra 4739. If it starts and goes into gear, it should be fairly inexpensive to get/keep on the road. Please let us know what you decide to do.

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FYI for all interested in this thread,I looked at the original poster and looking at his contact information a web site is listed which one might deduce {I did not say ASSUME!;)} that he is located in Oregon.Does look like a nice solid car.I bought a 1964 Olds Jetstar 88 from there that was real clean and rust free.

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Guest Rob McDonald

Considering that it never stops raining in Oregon - except on Swap Meet weekend in Portland in early April (we wish) - it's remarkable how solid the old cars there have remained. Awfully musty smelling sometimes but rarely rusted. However, we Canadians picked the place clean of interesting iron, back in the 1980's. None left, sorry.

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