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  1. Hello all. A friend of mine has an '83 Bonneville with this engine and is in need of a 14 bolt oil pan for the V-6 231 engine.He and I are assuming a replacement from a Buick /same engine would be a match. Any thoughts,or any available for sale? I am pursuing this for him as he is not Internet capable .Any help at all is appreciated. Thanks,Rich
  2. rgs455,Where do you live,and where are you looking ? I have a '96 with relatively low miles,of which I am the 2nd owner. I may be persuaded to sell.
  3. I know Cars used to sell them.I'm in the same boat with mine.Also haven't been able to find any myself. Would be interested if you're able to find any.Sorry I can't be of more help. Good Luck.
  4. Kevin,This is the article I mentioned on Facebook a few days ago,that was also posted on this forum.Maybe this will give you a better idea.Here you go;
  5. I have a Brand new in the box electric mirror for 1980-1990 Buick Electra or Lesabre for left hand side of vehicle.It's a Kool-Vue GM18EL which also says Parts Link GM 1320109 and ref#10113834. Check yours out,mine might work for you. Email me for details . I can send pictures to you if you would like. Price would be $45.00 plus shipping Thanks,Rich
  6. Is this a two door or a four door? Convertible or not ? Would be interested in some things potentially if it's a 2 door.How about a good hood ornament?
  7. I'll also be there.Have already made my hotel reservations. Thanks for the "Heads Up" Roberta !
  8. Jason ,we had around 63 cars registered which was somewhat disappointing.We had a huge amount of Chinese raffle items which included a brand new set of Goodyear tires and a lawnmower. Overal ,I feel that the meet was well received by the ones who attended. Unfortunately I was running around between registration ,hospitality room,etc and didn't take many pictures.Here is a link from a Facebook post ,that hopefully will allow you to see some of the pictures.
  9. Thanks Dave, Great to see you as well. Happy that you enjoyed yourself.Your comments are appreciated.See you next time.
  10. Doug,is the Wallaseburg Show always the weekend of Flint's Back to the Bricks, I guess the Michigan Nascar race,and Woodward Cruise ? Any pics of any boats,etc ? Thanks for sharing .
  11. Dale, Looks like you had a nice turnout with a good variety of cars. Hopefully our show for The Great Lakes Regional next weekend will be as well attended. I do know at this point we have at least that many cars pre-registered. Thanks for the pictures, Rich
  12. Her's the ad from Craigslist;
  13. Hope you're able to win the mower Dave, Also the banquet is going to be at one of the local Amish restaurants,so that should be very good as well. I'll see you there!