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  1. Good afternoon all, As some of you may have seen in another thread, Our Chapter is trying to have a stained glass Tri Shield made, to raffle off at the National Meet in the Cleveland area this summer. I have found a company in our area willing to do this for us. Several questions were asked,so I am once again looking for input from this group. The main question was whether or not this is copyrighted. I have not been able to find that answer,so here I am....any one know the correct answer ? The other question is the size of the piece. Since I did not have the dimensions of the pieces made before, my idea was 15 to 18 inches in diameter would be a good size. In addition, the artist asked how many we need made. My response was ,so far we only talked about having one to raffle, but depending on the quote given,we may do more than that,and I may also want one or two for the same purpose,or for my own collection. I also mentioned that people here ,or on other web based platforms may also want one,and once a solid quote to create them is given, interest could be gauged and passed on . Obviously , I don't think it would be in the best interest of our chapter to have too many available to others,and reduce the interest for those attending the Meet in July, thus reducing the number of raffle tickets we are able to sell. As far as I know at this point in time,we would only be selling the chance for this at the Meet on July 15-18.I will know more after our next organizational meeting this coming Friday evening. Any input from you all is appreciated. Attached is the picture of the ones made in the past. Thank you, Rich Morton
  2. Good afternoon all. I have been asked whether ,or not this item is copyrighted,by a company who have agreed to make one or more for us. Any one know what the proper answer is on that question?
  3. Thanks Jack. I did also receive a response from a local person,who I am following up with.
  4. Jack don't really remember what size they were before, but I'm thinking somewhere around 15-18 " Diameter ? Certainly open to suggestions. I have sent out some e mail to local artists in the Cleveland area, but have not received any response yet. Sorry I didn't see this sooner. Crazy hours at work.. Thanks for your help!
  5. If you would do that for us, I would really appreciate it !. Thank you so much for volunteering. They could contact me here or at my email address of oh65gs@gmail.com Thanks again for your help !
  6. That is awesome,and exactly like ours,since it was made by the same company. Thank you so much Roberta !This should be a big help going forward.😉
  7. Hello all. Need some help. The North East Ohio Chapter of The BCA had a stained glass Tri Shield made in 2011, which we raffled off at our Regional show. As part of the group working on this years National meet ,I am trying to find someone to make another one for us to have and probably sell tickets in a raffle. I do also know of another that was at a prior National held in Flint. When ours was made ,we used the same company in Michigan who made both of these mentioned. Sadly the folks in Michigan can not make another one. If anyone has pictures of either of the 2 given away, I would appreciate it if you could post it here . At this point, I am also trying to find another company ,or individual,who could make another one,or two for us,so pictures would help,or a solid recommendation to manufacture this for us. Thanks in advance for ANY help.
  8. Happy Saturday evening everyone. Just wanted to give a shout out to anyone considering attending the National this July. I attended the most recent meeting of the North East Ohio Chapter of the BCA regarding the Meet last night. Our plans are progressing very nicely,and it is VERY exciting to see the attention to detail evident in all that we are doing. Many thanks to Heather Banhidy ,who is spearheading the chapter's organization of this years meet. We have a super group of members involved,and you will not be disappointed in what we have planned, in scheduled activities,tours,swap meet,day of show, etc. Though we are not making plans public for the Trophies that will be distributed, I was able to see some of the finished ones on hand last night,and as a participant in countless car shows,as well as National meets in the past,I can guarantee ,you have Never seen anything similar to our creation . If all things were equal in each yearly meet,which clearly they are not , given the individual dynamics of each one in regard to location,planning,and execution of same. these trophies will blow you away,and the ability to receive one of those should be incentive enough to make your plans now to be in Strongsville in July. You will have to trust me on this, but I can assure you,that if you take one home, you Will love it,and likely display it proudly the rest of your days. Hope to see you in July!
  9. Hello all. A friend of mine has an '83 Bonneville with this engine and is in need of a 14 bolt oil pan for the V-6 231 engine.He and I are assuming a replacement from a Buick /same engine would be a match. Any thoughts,or any available for sale? I am pursuing this for him as he is not Internet capable .Any help at all is appreciated. Thanks,Rich
  10. rgs455,Where do you live,and where are you looking ? I have a '96 with relatively low miles,of which I am the 2nd owner. I may be persuaded to sell.
  11. I know Cars used to sell them.I'm in the same boat with mine.Also haven't been able to find any myself. Would be interested if you're able to find any.Sorry I can't be of more help. Good Luck.
  12. Kevin,This is the article I mentioned on Facebook a few days ago,that was also posted on this forum.Maybe this will give you a better idea.Here you go;http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/12/automobiles/rough-gems-brought-to-a-fine-polish.html?ref=automobiles&_r=3
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