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  1. Ryan, I think that is the coolest thing I have heard in the last 20 years. How unreal was it talking to a guy that was on the sales floor at the same time your car was? History like that is priceless! Did you tell Brian (Centurion) about that conversation? You seem to really appreciate the car for what it is and it's history, so those of us that are not players for it on this site will sure pass on the word and do what we can to help find an equally good new owner. Enjoy! Matt
  2. And thank god for people who through the years continued to love that 'old car' stored in those garages and barns.
  3. Ryan, you're fired! I can push my Buick faster than your R code... hehe Pete, any updates or progress on the Wildcat? Very cool car, I'd like to see its progress. Matt
  4. Thank you, 3Jakes. I wouldn't say 'expert', though, rather just a hack that really, REALLY, digs manual Buicks. To sum all my drivel up, I would say that the 4-speeds were production cars, very rarely-chosen optioned cars, but production cars. I don't think Buick went out of their way to advertise or really sell their stick-shift cars, like Pontiac or Chevrolet, but if the 'gotta shift myself' Buick buyer hit the dealership, he could get his car his way. Someone on eBay recently tried to pass off a cobbled together geeen X-code 65 Wildcat 4-speed convertible as a 'COPO' car, and as it turn
  5. 3Jakes, believe me, I am no expert either, but I don't believe that COPO stuff when it comes to these Buicks. The black/red 63 Wildcat 425 4-speed coupe bought new by Jimmy Dull (and for sale at the 2003 Nationals for 25K) had a silver motor. I talked with Jimmy for about 4 or so hours about his car, and since he knew that car inside and out, he'd know more than most. He ordered it with the 425 and 4-speed from the dealer, and it was not a hassle to either order or get. All 63-65 4-speed full size Buicks could be considered somewhat 'special built' because they did not make that many, and
  6. If it is a JW car, shouldn't the motor be silver? I thought the 63 425 motors weren't painted Buick green. In the first picture the car has green valve covers and oil fill cap. If it is a real JW car, way cool. Matt
  7. Pete, is that a 59 Parklane Cruiser with flesh colored interior I see right next to the 63? If so, I have that same exact Merc (color and all) parked next to my black 63 4-speed coupe. Very good taste in cars! Have fun with the stick shift! Matt
  8. Welcome to the world of the 63-65 4-Speeds, Pete! Great car and great buy, no doubt. That one is an oddball too as it does not have the long console, rather the floor shift with buckets. Very strange. Best bet for the body is to find a decent but needing restoration coupe or conv., they usually don't break the banks in sales dollars. 63 Wildcats are extremely cool, but just don't bring what the Chevys bring, which is great for buyers like us. As far as how much to spend, how much do you like the car? The more you are around it the more you will like, trust me. Enjoy the shifting! Matt
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