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Wishes for a Happy New Year

Reatta Man

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A few wishes for my friends and family:

- TO ALL WHO SUFFERED LOSS: May 2012 see your pain subside and your life again be filled with joy and hope.

- TO ALL WHO QUESTION, HOPE AND DREAM FOR THE FUTURE: May 2012 see your questions be answered and your hopes and dreams become clearer as wisdom and knowledge come into focus and into your grasp.

- TO ALL WHO WAIT FOR A LOVED ONE TO RETURN FROM A WAR FAR AWAY: May 2012 bring your loved one back to you safe, whole, and bless your life together in a world of peace.

- TO ALL WHO SEEK GOD: In 2012 may your search lead you to His son and His word, for therein lies true love and the family of God.

- TO EVERYONE: May 2012 bring you joy, peace, prosperity, fulfillment and blessings!

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