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Marty Roth

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I have spare Exhaust & Intake Manifolds which are not for my 1934 Buick 50 Series.

Please help Identify so that we can get them to someone who can use them

# 1313674 - 5 Exhaust Manifold - Straight Eight

and its match,

# 1338252 - 8 Intake Manifold - (damaged) for above


GM-2 Intake Manifold - V-8

includes Rochester 4bbl carb #7045626

Thanks for any help

Please PM or Email


Thanks to David Walker in Post # 10


7045626 = 1975 Chevy A.T. Carb 49 states

3905393 = 1966-68 Chevy 327-4bbl

Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails PLEASE HELP I.D. MANIFOLDS-1967-chevrolet-3905393-intake.jpg PLEASE HELP I.D. MANIFOLDS-3905393-chevy-327-intake.jpg

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it may be some time before I can get to the location of these manifolds to get photos --

sorry -- just hoping that someone could identify by part #

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I got busy with other things and kind of got away from it.

Is that something you need?

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I don't need it for my use---a friend has an NOS one, and asked me if I knew what it fit. When I did a search I came up with your post. Maybe with it bumped to the top someone in the know will respond.

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John: I have an exhaust manifold attached to a 1947 Series 40 Straight 8 with the casting# 1313674-1. For others interested I inventoried my manifolds as follows: 1937 Series 40, 12885(?)66-1 intake, 1298001-1 exhaust; 1939 Series 40,1306218-2 intake,1307884-2 exhaust; 1947 Series 40, 1306218-2 intake,1313674-1 exhaust. Some of those induvidual digits were a little fuzzy so I'll be glad to recheck if someone needs to be absolutly certain.

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More here: http://forums.aaca.org/f165/1940-buick-special-manifold-322157.html

Wild guess

1313674-5 Exhaust = 1947 ??

1338252-8 Intake = 1950 - 1952 ??

Uncracked exhausts manifold's are easy to sell (but you are too far from me)

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On 4/20/2019 at 11:47 AM, Rickslopez said:


I just found a crack in my intake for a 51 straight 8.  I am in need on one if they are for sale?  Pls get back to me.  

You are replying to a thread from 2013

Does your car have a 248/263 or 320 engine?

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