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  1. Anyone have a catalog for Neapco suspension and can ID application, or cross it to Moog or TRW?
  2. Your pictures are excellent, but unfortunately none of my parts match.
  3. Can you post a picture of the nose cone---I have some Delco that came from a Buick/Chevy dealer.
  4. I would like to see the pictures----sent you a message with my email address.
  5. Cars sold on ebay are NOT legally binding contracts---read their fine print.
  6. Last digit of the engine number is 4, which I believe confirms it's from a Special.
  7. Airy Cat, Your post is way off topic---please delete and start over in a new thread. John
  8. I'll post the serial number, but will be a week or so before I can get to where it is stored. I thought 55 Super has 4bbl?
  9. Would like to see this one saved, but it will probably be parted out if not sold by end of October.
  10. Yes, I transposed the letters and it is EPV---Thank you for your help! John
  11. Housing is stamped EVP-4001B and 12V. Anyone have a catalog for exact application(s)? Also would like to know how to test it. Thanks!
  12. These were in with some stuff from a Buick/Chevy dealership. The 2 castings are slightly different. One on the left has "101" casting mark, one on the right "31". Looking for specific applications, ideally GM part numbers.
  13. I'm going to pass---was hoping close enough for pickup. Thank you for making them available!
  14. Thread title revised---thanks guys!
  15. Might be....what are you going by?
  16. Hi Walt, Where are you located? If these are 4-3/4" bolt circle I could use them. John
  17. Exhaust manifold as pictured. $ 160 plus shipping, to US address only, or pick it up near Allentown PA.
  18. Selling complete engine as pictured. Came from an estate sale and no history available. Appears to have been pulled when it was still fairly young and stored inside since. Have not had it running but it turns with a socket on the crank pulley bolt. $750 complete as pictured. Pickup in NE PA, near Allentown. If you need it shipped you will make all the arrrangements.
  19. This 63 Riviera was built in the 1st week of September (9A code) and has body # 206. Silver exterior with dark blue deluxe leather interior. Options include AC, power seat, power windows and vents, signal seeking AM radio, power antenna, vacuum trunk release, 4 note horns. The 401 engine will run with gas down the carb but has not been run from the tank. Selling on a bill of sale, no title. $2500
  20. Try posting in the Buick Riviera forum down in the Buick section. Also specify whether you need tinted or clear glass if it makes a difference,
  21. Looking for info on this part: what distibutor(s) does it fit, and what were they used on? Shaft is about 7-1/2" and .48" diameter below the plate, .30" diameter above the plate. Plate is stamped 726C.
  22. Pick up at Das Awkscht Fescht (Macungie), or possible delivery to Fall Carlisle or Hershey.