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Spring Is Coming


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It is not over yet but it has already been a long winter here in New England! Had a call from my friend last night whose hobby garage is much better equipped than mine. He wanted to get me thinking about springtime and getting the Packard ready for the upcoming season. Probably the biggest thing we are going to tackle is a leaky exhaust gasket on the two peice 120 manifold. Since that will probably require removal will clean up & repaint the exhaust and intake manifolds. Then typical servicing. I want to get going on it so as soon as the roads are decent will drive over to his place and get to work.

He is hoping to finish up the '40 110 that was started when we were just out of high school in the early 80s! (many cars in between and it got pushed into the corner years ago..) But I am not betting on it!

Anyone finishing any interesting projects or maybe putting a newly restored or serviced car back on the road this spring?

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Hi Steve - yes, it's been a lousy winter here in northern NJ as well, I finally had to take a cruise to the Caribbean to escape for a few weeks.

I've an unheated separate garage so about all I've done over the winter is to put the trickle charger on the Caribbean battery once a month or so. No projects planned for the 56 Caribbean, I did a very intensive service when I put it away last fall. But for the 34 Eight, I've got the continuation of last Spring's project which was to clean, inspect and repack the wheel bearings, drop the mechanical brake cables to inspect, clean and regrease the cable interiors. And a general check of the brake linkages, etc. I did the fronts last year, so this Spring it will be rears. And of course when I'm done I'll be for a full adjustment of the brakes which, with mechanicals, is a bit time-consuming to get it perfect. Other than that, I'm looking forward to a full and trouble-free season of enjoying both Packards.

Need a new battery for the 34, will get either a Delco 717A or NAPA 7212, the large commercial truck/bus batteries with tons of CCA. I typically get 8 or more years from these batteries.

I'm looking forward to taking the 34 on PAC's Henry Joy V Tour this September, based in Clinton NJ.

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Owen thanks for reminding me I am probably in need of a new batt as well. Had pretty good luck with the NAPA 6 volts before. Funny though, when I had my Model A I bought one of their 5 year batteries, drove the car one week in August with no problems, a few days later, the battery is stone dead, won't take a charge, well, I check my records and... I bought it 5 years earlier to within a few days! Talk about designed obsolescence...

Anyway, the no name in there now (which may be fine..) is pretty old so I will be adding that to the spring get ready list!

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I'm hoping to go from 0 well-operating Packards to 2 well-operating Packards over the next month or two. On the '41 110, I never was able to hunt down that shift linkage part, and I may just take it to a shop to see if they can machine one. On the 12, in theory the shop is done with the engine rebuild and is mostly waiting for the salt to be off the road so they can road test it. (In theory, at least. Who knows the reality.)

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