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  1. It attaches to the hood latch rod which you can see in your photo with the hook on the end. The strap clips to that.
  2. Rob Hilarides in California did a heroic restoration on an 845 Dietrich sedan and it won the closed class at Pebble in 2012. It is very, very nice and done in dark green. The other real one that I know still exists is in the Nethercutt collection.
  3. Sport Cab sounds like it is worth more money than a Cab A.
  4. I think that would be fascinating, fun to write and fun to read. Looking forward to it. Dave
  5. Too bad I didn't know you before Jan gave his archives to DB, he even held the photos for the last two books back for some time later, but they are with DB now. I agree, things have really changed in publishing, but too late for Jan. I do hope that DB Historic will publish the books. I would think that they know what great potential they have in the manuscripts, but I am not sure. I think that for DB there is so much interest in the 300SLs and newer cars, which DB can relate to marketing new cars, that they don't think a lot about the cars from the 30s. Jan showed me the cars in action photos
  6. Farouk had some Packards also - a 38 12 sedan and a 39 12 convertible sedan that I know of and I think some earlier ones also.
  7. The one book also covered 6 cyl Supercharged cars and the other was primarily photos of the cars "in action" - street photos, exhibitions, dealers, concours, etc.
  8. Exactly - the publishers didn't exactly sell the books and the people who said they would market them in the US did nothing.
  9. I do, but I haven't been to Sweden for several years, and I miss spending time with Jan. He is one of the nicest men I have met ever. You have to understand that Jan is extremely careful and precise. He is just brilliant and a phenomenal historian. His knowledge is boundless and always accurate, but he will not speculate. I could describe a car and he could tell me the numbers and dates for it. MB has asked him not to give serial numbers in his books and until he gave his archives to MB, his were better than theirs because he had compiled theirs from varied sources hither and yon from inside t
  10. I think this is the car on the top of page 85 in Melin's vol 1, as I recall Jan told me that there were 3 of these built and there are only 2 known. I remember asking him about it as it is probably my favorite outside of the Special Roadster. I think that the bulk of the 12 were the earlier flat windshield versions on page 84. I like it because it has the special roadster vee windshield and a completely disappearing top, which gives it a very clean look, it is modern, yet still classic. The windows in the doors are plexiglass and the quarter windows are removable. Edgar Masters traded his 34 P
  11. A good looking car - rather modern for its time. Thanks for posting it. There is a good sized group of Packard enthusiasts in New Zealand. Some very nice people and nice cars too.
  12. Class judging at Pebble Beach is based on points, including authenticity, but there is also an "elegance factor" of about 10% that the judges can use to determine the winners if the judges feel the cars are otherwise equal. In years past, there were often more than 3 cars which would garner perfect scores and the judges had to choose between them somehow. Some years extra consideration is given to cars that completed the tour in the event of a tie. Of course the overall look of a car is important there, but I clearly recall that the chief judge also made it clear that if the car is otherwise f
  13. I understand your opinion on the Trippes, I just want our new to the hobby friend to understand that it is a matter of taste rather than authenticity. The lights are authentic and period correct, whether they look good to you is another question. I have absolute proof in the form of the paperwork from 1938 that the Trippe lights were installed on the convertible victoria before it was delivered to the customer by Derham and clearly they are in the photos of it taken before delivery. I feel that my opinion is just as valid that having the top up on a boat tail speedster on a sunny day is worse
  14. Just to play devil's advocate for our friend who is new to the hobby... While the Pilot Rays are very cool and stylish, and perhaps just a little cleaner looking in the mount, the ones I have had, other than the 32 Cad type, are almost the same size as a the senior Trippe lights, and the lenses will actually interchange. There are a lot of Duesenbergs and Cadillacs that have had Pilot Rays added and still win at concours. Granted that the lights have fallen out of fashion in the last few years, but a lot of past Meadowbrook and Pebble winners have had plenty of extra lights. I would agree that
  15. Hi Alex, You aren't that far away from me, come and see me sometime and we will get some cars out. Dave Mitchell Geneseo, IL packard12s@hotmail.com
  16. 1939 Packard 12 convertible sedan - with owners Mr. and Mrs. Truman Newberry, investor and board member of Packard Motorcar Co. He opted for a spot light, Lalique mascot, double whites and a zip out panel on the side of the top, and Trippe lights. He was not a down market buyer, and I will venture to say that all of these were installed at the Packard plant before delivery.
  17. 1938 Packard 12 - Trippe lights installed before delivered to the customer.
  18. While not installed at the factory, Trippe lights were sold at Packard dealers, and were found on Packards when they were new. There are a number of different models and sizes of them, appropriate for different years and sizes of cars. They were also used on commercial vehicles, but usually painted rather than chrome. Let's face it, most of the headlights on American cars of the 30s aren't great. There was a reason people put driving and fog lights on cars, much like they do today.
  19. I wasn't implying anything, I just don't want you to run afoul of DB. Jan is very precise and strives to keep track of cars, but it isn't easy. I know that there are at least a couple instances of multiple cars with the same numbers, and the cars move around from one country to another.
  20. MB asked Jan to not include serial numbers for the cars in his books because they don't want people building cars around serial numbers. Jan knows has all the numbers in his head though!
  21. I can send you photos or I have some photos on my facebook page. packard12s@hotmail.com
  22. We have a dark maroon color that we used on a 38 Packard Derham which is non metallic. It took us months to perfect it, but I think it turned out very nice and period correct. Send it up to Illinois and we will paint it for you! I have seen two burgundy/maroon special roadsters and they look great. Dave packard12s@hotmail.com
  23. Hi, That's me. We made that work, and I can send you photos of how it turned out, but I might be able to help you another way too. Send me an email and I will give you my phone number. Dave packard12s@hotmail.com
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