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Fender skirt hardware


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Yes There was a feature about them by a fellow who was making a real nice repro,I called the ad in TWOTZ and spoke with his widow, she laughed said he'd been dead for years...I dont recall the issue, I think I was disgusted and circular filed it.

I bought grommits, rubber and rivits from Chris Herrill lincoln repro..he is a good guy, I have yet to install them but they look the part....google boos herrill lincolns

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I remember the article as well. Now I am interested in it to replace my skirt gaskets. Seem to remember the article started out talking about radios or heaters or something and then the discussion changed at the end of the thread to discuss skirt gaskets. The problem was something like trying to locate the new rivets and where/how to drill/intall new rivets. But one member suggested to just not use the new rivets in the kit. Rather just use the old fasteners mounted to the fender, and put the holes in the gasket to match the location of the old fasteners. Wish I could find the discussion too.

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I just went through this on my 41 and here is what I did.

I located the split rivets in a small hardware store where they have those boxes of specialty hardware. I should think they could also be found at a craft store.

Take the skirt rubber and lay it around the skirt holding it in place with masking tape. Then take an awl and push it through the rubber and the hole in the skirt. To bend the legs of the split rivet, I used a pair of plyers with a set of rubber adapters for the jaws so I wouldn't mar the paint. Place the lower jaw on one leg of the split rivet and as you squeeze the leg, move the jaw to the side slightly and this will cause the leg to bend over. Do the same for the other leg of the rivet, then place the jaw over both legs and finish squeezing them in place. Repeat as necessary. You will also have to cut out the gasket where it needs to fit around the locating studs as well as the skirt lock.

Concerning the skirt lock, it has been a few years, but I removed the rivet (s) and straightened the tabs and took it apart. It was apparent where it was worn and as necessity is the mother of invention, I built up the worn areas of the lock with my mig welder,

then ground that area smooth and back to the original shape. I put it back together with a screw instead of the rivet and they work fine now.


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Guest DADDIO65

I replaced the fender skirt rubber on my 39. I used the existing rivets. I used a small awl to poke the holes, and then I stretched the rubber over the rivets. It worked out pretty slick. I was able to retain the "original" hardwear, and have the new rubber at the same time. Pat Terhune, in the Way of the Zephyr magizine sold me the rubber for them.... great reproduction!!

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