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  1. Will want to get registration in & postmarked by 5/25 so don't have to pay late registration- additional $50. Note registration thru Cornerstone this year. Room price is not as high as might first appear- many meals included. (even banquet meal is included in room price). Remember to start looking for something in all those garage and basement boxes to donate to the Friday night club fundraiser auction! Will find deals on random items of value too, not just car related!
  2. Good to see many details for the summer GOF 48 are now listed on this website. Looks simple, just get the room when reservations open soon, and most everything else is covered for the weekend! If you haven't clicked on the CALENDAR tab in a while, you may want to click on it today and read it yourself to get the scoop to start making plans! Paul
  3. Jeff, all those photos and memories are a real treat!! Thanks for sharing, I have to get up at 4:45 AM for work tomorrow, but could not stop looking all your facebook photos and stories. Phil, have you ever checked out the antique car section of RacingJunk.com? Good for trailers,...etc. but 3 of the 9 Lincolns listed are V-12 cars, and if they are getting their asking prices listed there, you might be happy with a similar price for yours! A pretty '40 coupe and '40 Cont Cabr. So many great cars for sale, but little space & money!
  4. Well the long awaited LZ Club Directory is here! Mine came in the mail today, so if you have not received it yet, you can look forward to getting it soon! A very helpful tool, thanks to all the volunteers who gave their personal time to make it happen, as well as the sponsors that made it financially possible!! Cheers, Paul
  5. AlanM may sell for cores so you don't have to give yours up, I don't know. But this photo of mine are already on my car. Made a huge improvement in noise/vibration. No longer sounds like the V12 is coming up thru the floor! I think Earle Brown Jr started selling them again, and maybe Merv Adkins. Paul
  6. Agree with Lee. The 2nd photo looks like my 1940 front motor mounts. Paul
  7. The speedometer cable location must have varied by year, or for some other reason (poss if factory out of parts then would send to dealer install?) My 1940 lists the Columbia 2-speed option on the Ford original factory build ticket, but the speedometer cable does not go to the back axle. Just goes thru the speed changer to the tranny. And this car sat in the garage of an elderly Chicago lady from 1950-1971, till we towed it to Cleveland. So it is pretty much un-molested. Unless someone tore up the original 2-speed within the first 10 years, and swapped out the original factory 2-speed axle and cable connection, with a dealer 2-speed axle without a cable connection for a replacement repair.
  8. 40ZephSedan


    Good friend of mine ran into some health issues and had to sell off his cars. But he saved a special gem in his wallet until he saw me, and gave me this Clock phamlet that came with some of the car's original paperwork. Never saw this literature before, pretty cool. The original is very small- I enlarged it 130% Others may find it helpful. Clock Instructions Phamlet.pdf
  9. There was a discussion thread on this years ago if you search this forum (above-right box) for luggage racks. Phil K. offered several photos, does not sound like it was limited to 1937 from the discussion you will find on the past thread.
  10. Found some exhaust parts in a box my dad never got put back on. Looks like the battery box is not the only engine ground to the frame, here is another. Are there anymore besides these 2 engine grounds? Clean it up and hopefully this hanger will solve my problem with the exhaust pipe bumping the frame crossmember where it goes thru the hole.
  11. Have you tried Ray Theriault in CT - he goes thru a lot of these cars with big supply of parts, great guy, reasonable prices, and knows his cars! Always at Hershey and GOF. Has all the manuals and P/N's. Mixture of some like new, & some used you can re-chrome. I know he has many 42 parts, not sure if he would have that, but sure would ask. And other than the SOURCES vendors on the LZOC.org home page (Chris/Earle/Merv/Alan), go to the back of the club Membership Directory where all the 42's are listed, and contact the limited number of 42 owners listed, maybe one of them has a used-spare in his garage you could buy and re-chrome. Great car! Good luck. Paul
  12. In his lower 80's 2-3 years back & scaling down his business then, tired & retiring a 2nd time (first as engineer in phone industry). At small place on east coast with shop nearby where he did grinding/sanding/polishing himself. A perfectionist, the best, full 3 layer chrome- brass/nickel/chrome I believe. Sending parts to most expensive cars/shows around the world. Over 200 drawings with accurate original dimensions, his own molds...awesome!! But had already stopped casting any new items then, and was only finishing castings he had in stock- sending them out for chrome until stock was gone. So may have moved since, don't know.
  13. Trunk lid, and rest of car all sold for $1,100 total.
  14. Thanks Tom, very helpful. Forced me to think deeper. Asked chemist at work why tranny fluid/acetone is good penetrating oil. I was thinking the best penetrating oil has the best chemicals to eat rust in the threads best. He also helped "turn on the lights". Said the only thing that eats rust is acid you dummy, don't want to put that shock in acid! So once re-focused on the best carrier to penetrate the thread rust, I wanted to know the thinnest viscosity carrier, because Tranny fluid is just various synthetic lubricants. Water is 1.0 centipoise (CP); Xylene is .65 CP; MEK is .43CP; Acetone is .33CP; Acetone is the thinnest viscosity!! Can soak into smallest cracks!! Now I understand why. While surfing I also found this-can't prove it's true but makes sense & supports Tom's experience: (reminder when working- acetone is flammable!) Some of you might appreciate. Machinist's Workshop magazine tested penetrants for break out torque on rusted nuts. They are below, as forwarded by an ex-student & prof. machinist, XXX XXXXX. They arranged a subjective test of all popular penetrants with the control being the torque required to remove the nut from a "scientifically rusted" environment. *Penetrating oil ..... Average load* None .............. 516 pounds WD-40 .............. 238 pounds PB Blaster ............... 214 pounds Liquid Wrench ......... 127 pounds Kano Kroil .............. 106 pounds ATF-Acetone mix.......53 pounds The ATF-Acetone mix was a "home brew" mix of 50 - 50 automatic transmission fluid and acetone. Note the "home brew" was better than any commercial product in this one particular test. Our local machinist group mixed up a batch and we all now use it with equally good results. Note also that "Liquid Wrench" is about as good as "Kroil" for about 20% of the price.
  15. I signed up late for the May 28-31 GOF in Camden ME this year. Were supposed to have the registration forms in by April 1st. But emailed the registration Fri to Bonnie, she said there were still openings for everything I signed up for at that time, still able to get in all the meals, the Fire Engine resto shop tour, .... The first 4-small motels/hotels listed (on calendar tab of this home page) for the meet are sold out, but the last one (Ledges by the Bay still had rooms when I called in Friday. So if you are in the fence about going, it is not too late! Paul