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  1. Appreciate the pics, thanks, will help many of us!
  2. Previous discussions on the subject sound like that is a tricky job. Would love to see some pics of the key-way and insulator being installed. Where did you purchase the firewall insulator and " groumet", that is part of the carpeting? Or did you have to come up with a way to fabricate it yourself? Thanks, Paul
  3. Jim Roll in New Philadelphia OH did many nice LZC tops and LZ interiors in the past, and I think his son (Jan) is still busy carrying on the business.
  4. I was hoping to see a reply, I was wondering too, for when I take my engine apart some year. Maybe pre-war/post war? Or is one aftermarket? How about it Mr. Murphy, Jeff, Larry, ..... I don't know, we need a long term veteran here- many out there, anyone know?
  5. I met a very nice couple from the LZOC Central Chapter who used materials from SMS Auto Fabrics on his 1939 Zephyr Sedan that turned out beautiful and he was very happy, received near top points in judging after resto complete.
  6. Super Glue will adhere to rubber well, but it is brittle. You may want to call the Super Glue people at 1-800-Loctite and punch the number for the automated answering till you get Tech Service. When I have called in the past they will ask all the questions about the application- the 2 materials being bonded, temp, UV or not, cure time desired, gap, qnty size, .... and recommend an adhesive, no questions asked about who you are or anything, anticipating you will buy it from one of their distributors or on-line. I think they may recommend a rubberized cyanacrylate (still a Super Glue) that is more flexible and with better adhesion promoters, such as 454, Black Max, or one of the Prisms. More expensive but very good. If you can talk them into mailing you a free Adhesive Source Book of most their products (CA's, silicones, threadlockers, epoxy,...), that is very helpful because you can pick your own cure time, tensile strength, elasticity, color, ..... Also, I think if you do a "Windshield" Search on this Forum you can find previous discussions from years back with additional details for replacing the windshield. Good Luck!
  7. Under the SOURCES tab of this LZOC.org web site, Earle Brown, Boos-Herrel and Jerry Richmond all sell them about $21 ea. vs $32 ea.! They may know specs and how to test. A common part to fail, most of us have 2 or 4 spares with us.
  8. I have a 1940, so can't help you. My seat adjust assembly P/N has an 06H part number, so it was not used in 37. Although I guess just the lever handle itself could be the same? If some 37 owners could chime it, it would be the best help for Chuck. thx, Paul 1940 assembly
  9. The flagship our club pres brought to the show reminded me of the youtube from years back.
  10. Beautiful color, awesome design, and you picked a great setting for the pic! With the leaves turning color up North, I guess ours will be turning here soon too!
  11. It was a brown/tan square weave with a slight purple tint. My trunk won't stay up either, but haven't looked into it yet.
  12. Had the 41 fender turn lights, but is a '40. Seldom see this beige/tan, and was repainted but it is same color in trunk far corners. I guess the black spring clip did help the floor from rattling around. From LaCrosse Central Chapter show in 2012. The Central Chapter show is coming up soon Sept 12-14 in Homestead, Iowa! Paul
  13. Dave, you asked about some trunk details that might be helpful to you as you take on the trunk. We see a lot of pics on engines, bodies and interiors, but see little detail on trunks, so I thought this may be helpful to others as well. This 40 sedan trunk is the most original-complete I have seen yet. Neat how they had a strap included to hold the wood floor up while working underneath. I am not sure I understand the purpose of the metal strap bolted onto the wood floor, slotted for side to side adjustment.
  14. Tom, I think the framed 2-tone blue Road Race Lincoln sold at the auction for either $95 or $100! One of the highest items of the night.
  15. And there was a Parade of Lincoln's Sat afternoon for many owners, except those who were inside touring the museums.