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According to the complete Encyclopedia of Motorcars the air cooled Holmes was made by The Holmes Automobile Co. in Canton OH. from 1918 to 1923. They cost a little more than a new Franklin. They made around 500 cars a year and went out of bussiness in 1923. I am guessing not many survived and finding parts for one must be a real nightmare, Daryl (DB34)

1931 Model A pick-up

1934 Ford tudor

1948 Ford tudor

1956 Ford P/U

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There is also a nicely restored Holmes in the George Staley collection. This car is a four door sedan,and underwent an extensive restoration in the Staley shop. George being a Franklin enthusiast liked the similarities between the two marques. The Holmes is currently on display in the Northeast Auto Museum in Norwich, New York. ---Bob P.S. The Arizona car above may be Georges car,his was missing the radiator shell emblem. He borrowed one from an emblem collector and had it replicated. George did tell me where the car came from but that info did not stay with me.--Bob

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Guest Graham Clayton

The grille of the Holmes was described as either a "caterpillar's head" or the "lungs of a patient who had died horribly. Company founder Arthur Holmes was an ex-Franklin employee, which probably explains why the Holmes was an air-cooled car. Here is a picture of a 1922 Series 4:


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A Holmes touring car showed up at the Air Cooled Gathering at the Gilmore Museum last June. The owner (an AACA member) said he also had a Holmes sedan at home. Perhaps it is the same car. One never knows. The owner indicated the sedan was absolutely HUGE, which would fit with the car in the photos.

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